Look No. 0000-6





Feeling very Maurice Chevalier.




straw boater with navy + wine red grosgrain band

gold metal round framed sunglasses

gold metal drop earrings with white marbleized spheres

navy + white pinstriped mock turtleneck crop top

jet black oversized baggy linen pants

black cracked leather brogues

Look No. 0000-5







burnt apricot colored velvet dress with multi-colored floral print

gold metal round framed sunglasses

evergreen colored tassel earrings

black satin vintage style bullet bra

1940s vintage pink nylon floral decorative brooch

1970s vintage caramel colored leather crossbody bag

jet black leather – round toe booties [Nine West]


Look No. 0000-4






oversized gray linen dress

black sunglasses with gold hardware

navy circular rope necklace with silver hardware

black geometric rope necklace

black digital wristwatch with rubber wristband

black vegan suede platform sandals

Forecast: Edgy Art Teacher of 1985

As I noted less than a year ago, minimalist style would be making a strong case in 2017. Or, at least I had been hoping for it. As of this writing, the fashion tide is turning. Get that Dramamine ready, style scaredy cats.

Bohemian Art teacher style of the 1980s is on its’ merry way. She’s high stepping and has a bunch of No Wave lps in that canvas tote bag. The bohemian hippie art teacher wearing the crepe overall oversized dress in earth tones and a burn-out velvet Stevie Nick piano shawl covered in cat hair she is not. No, no. This is the cool, edgy bohemian art teacher who actually knew Warhol, went to a party at Area and had the 35 mm photographs to prove it. This time, as always with these style resurgences, it comes around with less grit, not fueled by coke, no artsy loft in Tribeca (circa ’84), zero Nolan Miller-esque shoulder padding, more smiling and now credited to the 1990s (Pshaw! – says I). Oh, my high school art teacher of 1985. She looked like Candy Jernigan in all-black and Bakelite bangles, stacked. When that look meant “She wears all-black. She’s an artist. Don’t fuck with her. [Wink].”

Here, in hipster Athens, tastemakers Kim Kirby of Young Athenians and Sanni Baumgartner of Community have been rocking the look in a more European-adult way as long as I have lived here. They work it the best: Crisply tailored, slightly crumpled denim and teeming linen, in colors snatched from the Pantone Cool Gray collection.

For the trend style daredevils, dramatic high-waisted Palazzo pants. Oversized button-down blouses. Floppy cardigan sweaters. Boxy dresses. A pair of brogues (or, leather Chelsea boots – scrap the ‘booties’) will be key in these next few years (Not months.)

Oh. And, you can keep the skinny jeans too.

Look No. 0000-2






pink linen pajama set with multi-colored abstract print

pink squiggle flattop sunglasses

gold + silver geometric necklace

gold lame crocodile print slingbacks with rabbit fur puffs

3 Things


Morris Pant by Caron Callahan [Mohawk General Store]


Adult Contemporary C-40 l.p. [2016] – Vanessa Rossetto

Wonderful layers of sound. Not for the faint (or, impatient) listener. Rosetto’s latest offering is now  available in digital form



White/Black Minimalist Women’s Flat [Ali Express]