A Happening: Sound Investments

Who’s Zoomin’ Who [Arista/ 1985] – Aretha Franklin
B-X0 NO-47A [BYG Actuel/ 1969] – Anthony Braxton
L.T. and them l.p.s [July, 2019]
The Nancy Wilson Show! [Capitol/ 1965] – Nancy Wilson


A Happening: Sound Investments

No More Lies [1989/ Ruthless] – Michel’le
Keep On Movin’ [1988/ Virgin] – Soul II Soul

It’s Your Night [1983/ Qwest] – James Ingram
Somewhere in The Carolinas – It has been a month and a half since I began taking Chantix to stop smoking [The taste of cigarettes is now not pleasant to me if I picked one up] and six months or so since I quit drinking morning, noon and night [I will drink socially among friends and acquaintances, which I see rarely, which means I hardly drink anymore]. My nerves are jangled and I am chronically in a mood as my body is finding its’ normal again. There is far less nerve pain which strikes but just less often.

I present to you my Friday night stay-at-home music to kick off the afternoon and evening. James Ingram I nabbed for Yah Mo Be There [1983]. That song is so good it gives me phantom period cramps. Same goes for Michel’le’s helium-filled hit, No More Lies [1989] and Jazzy B’s Soul II Soul with Keep On Movin’ [1988]. I am working on getting my R & B/ Soul/ Hip-hop of the 70s through the ’90s pulled all the way together right now. It’s about time and the feeling is good.

3 Things

Late List zine #3 by klon J. Waldrip [2019]
Waldrip‘s long awaited issue of Late List zine is ready for you phreeks to get into. Sordid stories and gritty photographs from [former] video store clerks and customers to yank yer crank to. Lastly, there is a contribution in issue three from me. On sale now, babies.

Kim Kim Kim [Volt/ 1970] – Kim Weston
The soulful Ms. Weston’s Kim Kim Kim was on STAX’s roster of digitally downloadable albums during the month of June [also known as Black Music month]. I had never heard this l.p. or, for the matter, many of the l.p.s listed. Kim Kim Kim is a treat.

Movies [And Other Things] by Shea Serrano [Oct., 2019]
To be released this coming October is Shea Serrano’s latest book, Movies [And Other Things] [Twelve Publication]. This read [about movies and the impact they play on society – for better or worse] is one of the most anticipated titles coming out this fall.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Diamonds [1987/ A&M] – Herb Alpert [feat. Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith]

Walk With An Erection [1987/ Airwave] – The Swinging Erudites
Pleasure Victim [1982/ Geffen] – Berlin
Somewhere in The Carolinas – I stood near my stack of recently found vinyl finds, screaming inside of myself, “Yes, Lawd!!! This thrift shop finally came through!”. The three discs here are only a taste of what is to come. Diamonds by Herb Alpert is a track from his 1987 comeback R&B l.p. – Keep Your Eye On Me [A&M]. Alpert [who is the ‘A’ of A&M records] nabbed label star, Janet Jackson, to sing lead and have her famed production team of Jam and Lewis work their magic on this track.  It has long been a favorite dance cut of mine. Walk With An Erection [1987] by The Swinging Erudites I’d never heard of. It is a parody of The Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian, a song I never cared for so naturally I had to have this. Berlin’s Pleasure Victim l.p. was in heavy rotation during the golden years of K-ROQ. When “Sex [I’m A…] came on after ten p.m. [or was it midnight] due to racy content as deemed by the F.C.C. Pre-teen me had to turn the volume waaaaaay down to hear it. In 1982, Pleasure Victim I definitely could not have brought home. This album is a synth-pop/ New Wave classic.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Spirits Having Flown [1979/ RSO] – Bee Gees
Eddie Murphy [1982/ Columbia] – Eddie Murphy

A snapshot of some of my favorite things

I Remember Patsy [1977/ MCA] – Loretta Lynn
Here it is – vinyl I recently scored. This haul is in good to fair condition. Spirits Having Flown by [The] Bee Gees is a replacement copy. This means I once owned it and lost it or gave it away.

In my life of thrifting I have found that comedy records are hard to come by. Secondly, comedy records that haven’t been overplayed with a cover in bad shape is also hard to come by. Enter Eddie Murphy’s self-titled comedy l.p. This record is a snapshot of early 1980s Murphy during his breakthrough days in stand-up comedy. Young Murphy’s act is pretty sexist, racist and homophobic. This l.p. also features minor R & B hit, Boogie in Your Butt.

The Loretta Lynn tribute to her mentor and friend Patsy Cline is just the kick in the pants my record collection needed. The thrift store I found I Remember Patsy in also had a few George Jones l.p.s too but I didn’t have the patience to dig and inspect. Maybe I will return for them or just wait and let something else surface.

A Happening: Sound Investments


Relax [1983/ Island] [12 inch single] – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Mercedes Boy [1988/ MCA] [12 inch single] – Pebbles

Today’s sound combo + 1

Magic [1981/Arista] – Tom Browne// Bought this l.p. for the song, Thighs High.
Wood Beez/ Absolute [1984/ Warner Bros.] [12 inch single] – Scritti Politti
A difficult week in adulthood it has been and will continue to be. Everything on the turntable will be played pretty loud. For sentimental reasons, I have busted out classic cuts and l.p.s for listening. Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax I purchased for its’ New York mix. Pebble’s Mercedes Boy is always gold. Scritti Politti’s 1985 album, Cupid & Psyche ’85, is in my opinion a slept on dance record of the period. I first purchased it in 1986 on cassette from the Wherehouse, a now defunct record chain that was based in southern California. The best known track is ‘Perfect Way’. A fine tune. The rest of the album is amazing. The 12″ single of Wood Beez and Absolute are my two favorite cuts. I had to have this [Although, I do own and have C&P85 in my vinyl collection]. Tom Browne’s Magic l.p. is straight ahead early Smooth Jazz – for the most part. It is a genre of music I do not care for. Thighs High [Grip Your Hips and Move] is an R&B funk classic with vocals by Ms. Toni Smith [the same vocalist on Browne’s 1980 chart topper, Funkin’ for Jamaica [N.Y.]. Smith who receives co-songwriting credit on both gems, is also noted for how similar her vocals are to Chaka Khan. Smith eats the mic alive.

All vinyl listed are of the good times.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Caught In The Act [Motown/1975] – The Commodores
Affection [Arista/ 1989] – Lisa Stansfield

Breakin’ Away [Warner Brothers/ 1981] – Al Jarreau


In a silent place. Not much to say other than a few albums recently unearthed while thrifting here in The Carolinas.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Donna Summer
Love To Love You Baby [Casablanca/ 1975] – Donna Summer
Thank You, Baby [Avco/ 1975] – The Stylistics
Love To Love You Baby [1975] – This is a duplicate copy. I listen to my 70s era Donna Summer l.p.s alot

Ooh-Child: Stairsteps & Others [Pickwick/ 1969] – various artists
Somewhere in The Carolinas – I have been neglecting working on digging up soul/ funk/ r & b finds over these past few years. Here, a few more discs to add to the mixture.