A Happening: Sound Investments

Around the World in a Day [Warner Bros./ 1985] – Prince and The Revolution
Tracks and Traces [re-issue][Gronland/ 2010] – Harmonia & Eno ’76

The start of a howlin’ good time.

Let Me in Your Life [Atlantic/ 1974] – Aretha Franklin
Magic Fly [Disques Vogue/ 1977] – Space
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Halloween is coming to life, especially out front on this porch. Here come the kitschy decorations, a couple of records and a portable turntable. Applying the faux spider webbing to the awning, brick pillars and leafy green hedges is one of my areas of decorative expertise. Such joy.


Thrift Score: September, 2019

Soap Opera History [Hardback/ 1991]
1970s vtg. Op art sleeveless maxi dress
1970s vtg. wraparound maxi skirt
70s vtg. ceramic decorative dish


1960s vtg. Paint-by-Numbers painting, framed
1970s vtg. Bare Trap high heeled sandals

Somewhere in The Carolinas – The secondhand scores keep on rolling through in a slow and steady manner. There are so many neat things I would like to keep. Thing is I have this premonition that in a few years I may find myself living out of an Econoline van or some type of refurbished 70s vintage-boogie down rv and all of these goodies aren’t coming with. Well, except for the 70s vtg. Bare Trap wood base sandals and the crap art ceramic decorative dish [above].


A Happening: Sound Investments

Duck Wars: Big Hits Dance Party [1980/ Peter Pan] – Irwin the Dynamic Duck + The Wibble-Wabble Singers + Orchestra
Rio [1982/ Capital] – Duran Duran [* lp has damaged cover. You are looking at l.p. in its’ original sleeve.]
“You spin me right round, baby/ Right round like a record, baby” – Dead or Alive [1985]
Rodney Bingenheimer presents All Year Party! – Volume One [1984/ Martian] – Various artists
Feelin’ Bitchy [1977/ Spring] – Millie Jackson

A Happening: Sound Investments

Living My Life [Island/ 1982] – Grace Jones
Prince Charming [CBS/ 1981] Adam and The Ants
Break Out [Planet/1983] – The Pointer Sisters
Chorus [12″ single] [Mute/ 1991] – Erasure

Somewhere in The Carolinas – Four on the floor on this amazingly lovely day.

Thrift Score: August, 2019

1950s vtg. two tone chalkware ballerinas [1 large + 1 small]
An assortment of hot wax

Red-orange plastic molded watering can [Saudi Plastics Factory]
Flokati wool area rug [J.C. Penney’s Home Collection]

1960s vtg. decorative wall hanging dish
Support your local thrift stores
1960s vtg. olive glass pitcher
A couple of unwrapped dvds

August thrifting proved positive. Let us delve into last month’s scores:

The set of chalkware wall hanging ballerinas cost $2.00 total. The hand on the larger of the pair is chipped. There are no markings on either as to who made them. It is still a good deal.

The wee bit of vinyl found cost between $1.00 up to $5.00 a piece. Some of these l.p.s are unknown to my ears.

A vintage textured glass pitcher was found to my liking as well as a hard plastic vintage watering can. I want to get into gardening  so it is a start in not passing the second item up. The glass pitcher holds about two to four drinks.

The dainty Jesus wall hanging saucer has not brand stamped on the back of it. There is only a teeny gold sticker which reads – Made in Korea. I have guessed this items’ vintage but it possibly could have been produced later.

The flokati wool area rug is a J.C. Penney “Home Collections” item. It’s vintage I have yet to pin down. Whether it is old [as in vintage] or not this is a major piece I have wanted for the longest time. The 4 x 6 area rug had two large sized stains which I am currently working on removing with baking soda and distilled vinegar. With this type of fur, one has got to take precise measures to deep clean it or there will be a sad mess in the end. I scored this piece for $10.00. Yes, you read that correctly. T-E-N.

Last but not least, a small stack of dvds. The majority are 70s-era Kung fu films and a copy of Demonic Toys [1992]. All were still shrink wrapped and cost a buck a piece.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Dionne [Arista/ 1979] – Dionne Warwick
K-Tel’s Starburst, Volume One [K-Tel/ 1978] – Various artists

That l.p. porch life.

Songs from Liquid Days [CBS/ 1986] Philip Glass
Hymns [Decca/ 1965] – Loretta Lynn
Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis [Pickwick/ 1965] – Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Something funky is trapped in my soul. Sunday music listening to ease inner-tensions then maybe later a long drive through the country.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Cory and Me [New York International/ 1979] – Cory Daye
19 [12″ single] [Chrysalis/ 1985] – Paul Hardcastle
Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch [Cotillion/ 1978] – Cerrone

Delish finds from a recent visit to Virginia

Otis Redding Live in Europe [Volt/ 1967] – Otis Redding
Each of these lps are new editions to my record collection. Each of these artists I am a fan of. All of these lps were found digging secondhand on a recent visit to Virginia. What great investments.

Thrift Score: July, 2019

1970s vtg. black boy-cut swimsuit [no tag]

1960s vtg. Gotham “Gold Stripe” light yellow sheer nylon robe with floral embroidery

1970s vtg. Vanity Fair powder blue floor length nightgown


1970s vtg. Mickey Mouse hard plastic molded figurine


A stack of recently found vinyl finds. 12 inch singles and afew full length records.

Two 1950s vtg. Freeman & McFarlin of California white ceramic candy dishes with gold accent

1970s vtg. Walt Disney Showcase “Goofy’ book shaped crossbody childrens bag

Last month proved strong in thrifting vintage womens loungewear and odds ‘n ends from the 20th century. A whole lotta love I present to you. The more I collect the better an idea I am forming as to whether I will keep each find or re-sell. My spidey senses tell me my vision leans hard towards the re-sell game. Again, we shall see down the line if this forecast is true.

A Happening: Sound Investments

No More Lies [12″ single] [1989/ Ruthless] – Michel’le
Keep On Movin’ [12″ single] [1988/ Virgin] – Soul II Soul

It’s Your Night [1983/ Qwest] – James Ingram
Somewhere in The Carolinas – It has been a month and a half since I began taking Chantix to stop smoking [The taste of cigarettes is now not pleasant to me if I picked one up] and six months or so since I quit drinking morning, noon and night [I will drink socially among friends and acquaintances, which I see rarely, which means I hardly drink anymore]. My nerves are jangled and I am chronically in a mood as my body is finding its’ normal again. There is far less nerve pain which strikes but just less often.

I present to you my Friday night stay-at-home music to kick off the afternoon and evening. James Ingram I nabbed for Yah Mo Be There [1983]. That song is so good it gives me phantom period cramps. Same goes for Michel’le’s helium-filled hit, No More Lies [1989] and Jazzy B’s Soul II Soul with Keep On Movin’ [1988]. I am working on getting my R & B/ Soul/ Hip-hop of the 70s through the ’90s pulled all the way together right now. It’s about time and the feeling is good.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Diamonds [12″ single][1987/ A&M] – Herb Alpert [feat. Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith]

Walk With An Erection [12″ single] [1987/ Airwave] – The Swinging Erudites
Pleasure Victim [1982/ Geffen] – Berlin
Somewhere in The Carolinas – I stood near my stack of recently found vinyl finds, screaming inside of myself, “Yes, Lawd!!! This thrift shop finally came through!”. The three discs here are only a taste of what is to come. Diamonds by Herb Alpert is a track from his 1987 comeback R&B l.p. – Keep Your Eye On Me [A&M]. Alpert [who is the ‘A’ of A&M records] nabbed label star, Janet Jackson, to sing lead and have her famed production team of Jam and Lewis work their magic on this track.  It has long been a favorite dance cut of mine. Walk With An Erection [1987] by The Swinging Erudites I’d never heard of. It is a parody of The Bangles’ Walk Like An Egyptian, a song I never cared for so naturally I had to have this. Berlin’s Pleasure Victim l.p. was in heavy rotation during the golden years of K-ROQ. When “Sex [I’m A…] came on after ten p.m. [or was it midnight] due to racy content as deemed by the F.C.C. Pre-teen me had to turn the volume waaaaaay down to hear it. In 1982, Pleasure Victim I definitely could not have brought home. This album is a synth-pop/ New Wave classic.