A Happening: Sound Investments

Around the World in a Day [Warner Bros./ 1985] – Prince and The Revolution
Tracks and Traces [re-issue][Gronland/ 2010] – Harmonia & Eno ’76

The start of a howlin’ good time.

Let Me in Your Life [Atlantic/ 1974] – Aretha Franklin
Magic Fly [Disques Vogue/ 1977] – Space
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Halloween is coming to life, especially out front on this porch. Here come the kitschy decorations, a couple of records and a portable turntable. Applying the faux spider webbing to the awning, brick pillars and leafy green hedges is one of my areas of decorative expertise. Such joy.


A Happening: Sound Investments

Duck Wars: Big Hits Dance Party [1980/ Peter Pan] – Irwin the Dynamic Duck + The Wibble-Wabble Singers + Orchestra
Rio [1982/ Capital] – Duran Duran [* lp has damaged cover. You are looking at l.p. in its’ original sleeve.]
“You spin me right round, baby/ Right round like a record, baby” – Dead or Alive [1985]
Rodney Bingenheimer presents All Year Party! – Volume One [1984/ Martian] – Various artists
Feelin’ Bitchy [1977/ Spring] – Millie Jackson

A Happening: Sound Investments

Living My Life [Island/ 1982] – Grace Jones
Prince Charming [CBS/ 1981] Adam and The Ants
Break Out [Planet/1983] – The Pointer Sisters
Chorus [12″ single] [Mute/ 1991] – Erasure

Somewhere in The Carolinas – Four on the floor on this amazingly lovely day.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Hooked on Comedy [Laff/ 1982] – Various artists
Donny Osmond Superstar [K-Tel/ 1973] – Donny Osmond

Out here having the fifteenth mid-life crisis of my forties. Better reel it in with some sweet hot wax selections from the collection.

Please [EMI America/ 1986] – Pet Shop Boys
Walk Away: Collector’s Edition, The Best of 1977-1980 [Casablanca/ 1980] – Donna Summer

A Happening: Sound Investments

Dionne [Arista/ 1979] – Dionne Warwick
K-Tel’s Starburst, Volume One [K-Tel/ 1978] – Various artists

That l.p. porch life.

Songs from Liquid Days [CBS/ 1986] Philip Glass
Hymns [Decca/ 1965] – Loretta Lynn
Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis [Pickwick/ 1965] – Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Something funky is trapped in my soul. Sunday music listening to ease inner-tensions then maybe later a long drive through the country.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Make Your Bird A Star [Pet Records/ 1983] – various artist sound-a-like
I Can Dream About You [Streets of Fire soundtrack] [12″ single] [MCA/ 1984] – Dan Hartman
Close-up: I Can Dream About You [Streets of Fire soundtrack] [12″ single] [MCA/ 1984] – Dan Hartman

I eat after a deep vinyl dig. First by wash my hands. A must.


The Holy Bible Exposes Jesus Christ Superstar [Diadem/ 1971] – Dr. Jack Van Impe
Catch Me [I’m Falling] [12″ single] [Virgin/ 1987] – Pretty Poison
Sustenance is most important when out digging for secondhand vinyl. On this particular day, the hot wax cost two bucks a piece and lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich and an order of french fries. Really, could life get any better?

Make Your Bird A Star [Pet/ 1983] – voiced by Jim Mac George – is a top contender in my record collection for strangest lp. What knocks it out of the rankings is that this lp is in fact an education tool for a talking bird. Each track repeating a legendary zinger from an assortment of early 20th century comedians.

Catch Me [I’m Falling] [Virgin/ 1987] by Pretty Poison was on the soundtrack for the Jon Cryer flick, Hiding Out, in which Cryer [if I’m correct – I have never seen the film] plays a banker or maybe a stock broker who has gone undercover as a high school student. Dumb. Anyhow, this song is Pretty Poison’s one hit. A freestyle dance cut, real funky, lots of synths. I’ve been in love with the song since I first heard it. The same goes for Dan Hartman’s contribution to the Streets of Fire soundtrack – I Can Dream About You [1984]

The Holy Bible Exposes Jesus Christ Superstar [Diadem/ 1971] lp I honestly have not had the time to listen to just yet. I seems loony enough.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Cory and Me [New York International/ 1979] – Cory Daye
19 [12″ single] [Chrysalis/ 1985] – Paul Hardcastle
Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch [Cotillion/ 1978] – Cerrone

Delish finds from a recent visit to Virginia

Otis Redding Live in Europe [Volt/ 1967] – Otis Redding
Each of these lps are new editions to my record collection. Each of these artists I am a fan of. All of these lps were found digging secondhand on a recent visit to Virginia. What great investments.

A Happening: Sound Investments


Remember My Song [Mr. Bongo/ 1975] – Siffre
Talking Book [Tamla/ 1972] – Stevie Wonder

I had a birthday. Turned another year older. Here is cake evidence.


Save Me [Midland International/ 1975] – Silver Convention
Cool Struttin’ [Blue Note/ 1958] – Sonny Clark
Somewhere in The Carolinas – A few vinyl offerings as birthday gifts from MWF.

I was not familiar with the artist Siffre. So cool as I will now dive into his work.

Stevie Wonder, long a favorite artist, his vinyl I actually didn’t have in my growing collection until now. So pleased about owning Talking Book [1972].

Silver Convention, a cheesy euro-disco, pre-packaged trio who I have long been a fan of was in the mix with their 1975 lp – Save Me.

Sonny Clark’s l.p. – Cool Struttin’ [1958] is a jazz lp I’ve never heard. It’s cover is pretty iconic though.

All together – much joy.

A Happening: Sound Investments

No More Lies [12″ single] [1989/ Ruthless] – Michel’le
Keep On Movin’ [12″ single] [1988/ Virgin] – Soul II Soul

It’s Your Night [1983/ Qwest] – James Ingram
Somewhere in The Carolinas – It has been a month and a half since I began taking Chantix to stop smoking [The taste of cigarettes is now not pleasant to me if I picked one up] and six months or so since I quit drinking morning, noon and night [I will drink socially among friends and acquaintances, which I see rarely, which means I hardly drink anymore]. My nerves are jangled and I am chronically in a mood as my body is finding its’ normal again. There is far less nerve pain which strikes but just less often.

I present to you my Friday night stay-at-home music to kick off the afternoon and evening. James Ingram I nabbed for Yah Mo Be There [1983]. That song is so good it gives me phantom period cramps. Same goes for Michel’le’s helium-filled hit, No More Lies [1989] and Jazzy B’s Soul II Soul with Keep On Movin’ [1988]. I am working on getting my R & B/ Soul/ Hip-hop of the 70s through the ’90s pulled all the way together right now. It’s about time and the feeling is good.