Southern Music, Inc.


Abandoned building. Former home to Southern Music, Inc.

Orangeburg, South Carolina

April, 2018


3 Things


Late 1960s vintage Art Deco-styled lucite loveseat [Fur And Gold Vintage]


Madonna 66 by Richard Corman [NJG Publishing]

Sixty-six Polaroid photographs of pop singer Madonna from 1983. All shot and gloriously captured by Corman. I have been following his Instagram account over the last year and my heart swells for young, hungry Madge.


‘Modern Art Assumption’ jacket [Abbey Rich]


Indispensable Things

Nov 16 - 19.jpg

November 11, 2016: Observing Rothko + Eames at High Museum of Art

photography: Sandra Rek

Me, in one of my sensitive spaces – a museum filled with art. Most delicious. Most calming. Most toe curling. Most freeing. A bit jarring. All of the synapses in my brain are firing. It’s neon.

On this eve, Athens based photographer, Sandra Rek and I took in a powerful lecture (How AIDS Changed American Art) and soon after walked the grounds.

Art, moments like this, always takes my breath away. I have agency and none at all – which in short – is life.