Brian Eno: 71

Eno lookin’ like a snack [c. mid-1970s]
Eno working on Another Green World [1975]
Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno [b. May 15, 1948] is an English musician, record producer, and visual artist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contributions to rock, pop, electronic, and generative music.

Janelle Monae featuring Erykah Badu – Q.U.E.E.N. [2013]

Uh, I asked a question like this
Are we a lost generation of our people?
Add us to equations but they’ll never make us equal
She who writes the movie owns the script and the sequel
So why ain’t the stealing of my rights made illegal?
They keep us underground working hard for the greedy
But when it’s time pay they turn around and call us needy
My crown too heavy like the Queen Nefertiti
Gimme back my pyramid, I’m trying to free Kansas City
Mixing masterminds like your name Bernie Grundman
Well I’m gonna keep leading like a young Harriet Tubman
You can take my wings but I’m still goin’ fly
And even when you edit me the booty don’t lie
Yeah, keep singing and I’mma keep writing songs
I’m tired of Marvin asking me, What’s Going On?
March to the streets cause I’m willing and I’m able
Categorize me, I defy every label
And while you’re selling dope, we’re gonna keep selling hope
We rising up now, you gotta deal you gotta cope
Will you be electric sheep?
Electric ladies, will you sleep?
Or will you preach?

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald [with Dizzy Gillespie looking over her shoulder] [September, 1947]
article/image courtesy of: Jet magazine [October 27, 1955]
article courtesy of: Jet magazine  [October, 1955]
An unfortunate but expected event from the past in which the slap of racism tried to hinder popular black American artists with a mixed band from performing [the then segregated] Houston Music Hall. With pressure from ardent fans, Fitzgerald, Gillespie and company were asked to play a set of all race shows at the venue. After one of their performances, members of the group were later arrested and charged for supposedly shooting craps in a dressing room. Fitzgerald, who was in the dressing room, was later cleared of any wrong doing. The rest of the story can be found in Gillespie’s biography, To Be or Not To Bop.

Ella Jane Fitzgerald [b. April 25, 1917 – d. June 15, 1996] was an American jazz singer sometimes referred to as the First Lady of Song, Queen of Jazz, and Lady Ella. She was noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing, intonation, and a “horn-like” improvisational ability, particularly in her scat singing.

Barbra Streisand – By Myself/ Come Back To Me [1973]

Give this a listen. Do not pass up this kinda-sorta odd yet interesting Streisand medley, backed by what I am assuming are early 70s era analog synths and electric gadgets. As someone who is not a huge fan of Babs [meaning I enjoy some of her work from the past], this concept seems different for her.

I like it.

Nolan Thomas – Yo Little Brother [1984]

Today is supposedly ‘National Siblings day’. Who comes up with this stuff?! I do not know. What I do know is in honor of this day, I am posting this music video as my siblings and I watched and adored this song when it came out. We still do(!)

If you’ve never seen it, take a look. If I have posted this in the past, enjoy once more.