A Happening


“Late this afternoon, I scored this copy of ‘Cecil Taylor Unit’ for two dollars while thrifting. This title has been on my list forever. It’s in very good condition. (I) almost didn’t hang in there (i.e., keep crate digging) due to the copious amounts of empty covers. Far out, man.”

cobalt blue oversized Wayfayer-style sunglasses

1970s vintage woven sunburst totebag

Cecil Taylor Unit [New World/ 1978] – Cecil Taylor








From the pages of assorted fashion tomes – high dollar, classic summer looks from forty years ago [August, 1977].

Live in it. Love in it. Swim in it.


A Happening


jet black oversized cat-eye sunglasses

gold metal oversized triangle shaped hair barrette

black vegan leather choker with gold metal hardware

silver metal square brooch

lucite cane

Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot [Volume I] [Prestige Records/ 1961] – Eric Dolphy

Peggy Lee – The Lord’s Prayer [1971]

The funeral of American jazz trumpeter, band leader and composer Louis Armstrong. At the 1:51 mark, witness Peggy Lee’s stirring rendition of The Lord’s Prayer.

It’s worth noting, I’d been searching for this footage since first viewing it in the early morning hours, watching cable in the early 1990s.

Please, enjoy the filmed footage in its’ entirety.