A Happening


1980s vintage woven handbag with rattan handles [Emma Rose]

oversized gold hoop earrings

dv ‘Brynna’ platform mary janes [Target]

Touch Your Woman [RCA Victor/ 1972] – Dolly Parton


A Happening

007020003“I feel like…as soon as I post that I’m just one more owner of a piece of his work, Ty Segall will release another work within seconds. Dude. I can’t catch up fast enough [and, I’ve been listening to you for years.]”

assorted gold + silver pendant necklaces

Melted [Goner/ 2010] – Ty Segall

Peter Brötzmann + Heather Leigh: The Mothlight [Asheville, N.C.]

009010Asheville, North Carolina – Two powerhouse artists, shredding in amazing ways [Leigh on pedal steel guitar, Brotzmann on reeds] with fantastic results. Filled with a solid experimental music listening crowd, The Mothlight [quite the comfortable venue] certainly impressed.  The Brötzmann + Leigh‘s set lasted roughly two hours, taking us through peaks and valleys of mercurial sound.

Many thanks to my host for having the foresight to choose this show and well in advance. Aside from the intense altitude sickness I experienced, my company and Asheville — The San Francisco of the South – was an action packed time.

I look forward to many returns in the future.