Peter Brötzmann + Heather Leigh: The Mothlight [Asheville, N.C.]

009010Asheville, North Carolina – Two powerhouse artists, shredding in amazing ways [Leigh on pedal steel guitar, Brotzmann on reeds] with fantastic results. Filled with a solid experimental music listening crowd, The Mothlight [quite the comfortable venue] certainly impressed.  The Brötzmann + Leigh‘s set lasted roughly two hours, taking us through peaks and valleys of mercurial sound.

Many thanks to my host for having the foresight to choose this show and well in advance. Aside from the intense altitude sickness I experienced, my company and Asheville — The San Francisco of the South – was an action packed time.

I look forward to many returns in the future.

Pharoah Sanders: Atlanta Jazz Festival [May 24, 2015]


View from the east lawn of the main stage at Piedmont Park

Atlanta Jazz Festival: 2015 – I came down to check out the festivities at the last minute. Pharoah Sanders Quartet [featuring Kurt Rosenwinkel] on the main stage. A child got separated from its’ family. Pharoah got wind of this and stopped the show to announce what was happening. The child was returned safely. If my memory serves, he then performed Save Our Children shortly afterward. A lovely touch to an unexpected evening.

3 Things


Live at The Bab-ilo – The Linda Sharrock Network [2016]

This l.p. had been sitting in the virtual shopping cart for far too long. Bought it two weeks ago. A sound investment.



Furry Landscape wall hanging – jujujust 


Denim in DRBL – ENFÖLD

3 Things


EARS – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith [Label: Western Vinyl, 2016]

I recently purchased her sixth album after giving it a spin on Bandcamp. It hits all of the marks if you are into this type of sound (which I won’t dare try to classify).

The work of the late Julius Eastman: Minimalist Classical composer, vocalist, pianist and dancer. His piece ‘Gay Guerrilla‘ alone is worth the price of admission. Balls-to-the-Walls recently re-discovered/ uncovered visionary.


Shake – The Thing [Label: The Thing, 2015]

I could not find this album on vinyl, so I bought the c.d. I thoroughly enjoyed the madcap energy and intensity here.