White Shirt


It’s well after Labor Day. I am wearing my current favorite white button-down shirt. Crisp yet a touch crumpled. I seriously suspect the fashion police will┬áberate me on said wardrobe choice(s). A look that reads “preppy casual biz: 1978”.

The denim high waisted 1970s style gauchos I keep promising are going into retirement. I got my monies worth out of them. They are so comfortable and honestly my go-to jeans at the moment.

Above are the last shots from my recent visit to North Carolina. Saluting great weather and my amazing companion with a toast from me and a favored ale, Tartastic.

Good-day, Summer, 2017.


A Happening


gloss black block eyeglasses

metallic colorblocked platform sandals [Patricia Field for Payless]

gold sequin soft clutch

black velvet waistbelt with gold beaded accent

Promised You A Miracle [12″inch single] [Virgin/ 1982] – Simple Minds

Fuzz [In The Red/ 2013] – Fuzz

A Happening

Kikagaku Moyo – Forest of Lost Children


Forest of Lost Children [2014] – Kikagaku Moyo

circular mirrored sunglasses

‘tulip’-shaped woven shoulder bag with braided rope strap

A Happening

047010068025011“I shop the local bodegas. Cecil Taylor is watching.” – L.T. Underwood

black flat-top eyeglasses with gold hardware

Indent [1973] – Cecil Taylor