The Residents: Variety Playhouse [Atlanta, Georgia]

It was far too warm for the 3/4 length ‘Crane’ sweater but I suffer for my style. 




How do you take three bites of elote and just throw it into the street?! Found food.




This hotel freaked me out. Bathroom was a cripple’s deathtrap.

Atlanta, Georgia – MWF is a bigger fan of The Residents than I am. Still, I do know their place in the pantheon of 20th century avant-garde acts and felt at ease in the company of everything that went down. I spotted a few Athens peeps in the crowd but not as many as I thought would turn up. All in all, this show melted my mind with or without the three cans of Bell’s Two Hearted. Glad to have been witness to it.

A Happening: Indispensable Things

Nov 16 - 19.jpg
November 11, 2016: Observing Rothko + Eames at High Museum of Art
photograph: Sandra Rek

Me, in one of my sensitive spaces – a museum filled with art. Most delicious. Most calming. Most toe curling. Most freeing. A bit jarring. All of the synapses in my brain are firing. It’s neon. On this eve, Athens based photographer, Sandra Rek and I took in a powerful lecture (How AIDS Changed American Art) and soon after walked the grounds.

Art, moments like this, always takes my breath away. I have agency and none at all – which in short – is life.

DEATH: The Earl [Atlanta, Georgia]

DEATH put on an amazing show. The opening act [whose name escapes me] were on fire too.

DEATH at The Earl [February 20, 2017]


Three tickets to see DEATH, please.

Atlanta, Georgia – The godfathers of Punk’s set (last night at The Earl) was tight. The boys from Detroit came at us with everything in their musical arsenal: gritty Rock & Roll, trad Punk noise with a tinge of psychedelic Soul. You would be hard pressed to find another hard rock group that can also take you to church.

Slam dancing was in full effect, peppered with a body or two surfing the crowd. All fists pumping into the thick night air.

Photographs I snapped are grainy. That said, it was a sign to put the cellular telephone down and simply enjoy the ride.