3 Things


1970s vintage Young Edwardian burgundy cocktail dress

[Prime Objective Vintage @ Atomic Vintage / Athens, Georgia]


Step Lamp [The Granite]


1970s style Gold Metallic Snake ‘Patch’ sandals [Charlotte Russe]


Look No. 0000-13



Athens, Georgia – We are in the dead of summer. I’ve got blocks of ice in my handbag. I am in a favorite vintage frock. Everything is still. Waiting for a vigorous gust of wind, a cool breeze to lift me by this piece’s flouncy sleeves and carry me to where the sand meets the sea.

late 1970s vintage midnight blue abstract floral print cocktail dress [Lynda Pizzuto for Phoebe]

gold oversized round sunglasses with smoky amber lens

peacock feather earrings

silver ankh pendant necklace

black vegan leather belt with gold circular buckle

late 1960s vintage tapestry handbag with lucite handles

deep brown vegan leather sandals with wood base [Envy footwear]



Look No. 0000-12







Day 16790

1980s vintage leopard print long sleeve blouse [Liz Baker]

gold lame high waisted a-line miniskirt

black vegan leather belt with gold ‘mustang’ buckle

1970s vintage black rectangular chain mail clutch with gold trim [Glomesh]

black leather round toe booties [Nine West]

Who Is The Gaucho Amigo







The return of gauchos – All high waisted with full, cropped legs.

As funny as this admission may seem, I have been awaiting its’ return for more than a spicy minute.

Late last Spring, I picked up a denim offering via Citizens of Humanity, dropping a well-off person’s money at the counter. I panicked, shook it off and stepped high thinking the vintage look would not become a trend in the months to follow.

As of Summer, 2017 – this particular cut and style became the default every other merchant copied – from AliExpress to The Gap.

Gauchos worn with tall heeled boots. Gauchos worn with floppy bowed slippers. Gauchos worn with a nicely pressed button-down shirt. Gauchos paired with a light jacket. Do what suits you best. For me? Time to break from the pack and dye it black.

Ace + Jig





Ace + Jig: Fall, 2017 [Ready-to-Wear]

Something at the water cooler in the Brooklyn office of Ace + Jig is working so right. Their looks for Fall, 2018 are that heady mix of vintage folksy perfection in such a now and happening way. Scrambled prints with layers, tied up in a crisp sash, designs that recall the push in the very early 1970s to strip it down and take it back to nature are at play. I am staring into the closet of schoolteachers I had 1974 forward. Also envisioning that super cool bohemian art witch in my So-Cal childhood enclave, tooling about in her VW station wagon with Trader Joes bags riding sideways in the hatch.

You may not have thought it out as such but I see what you are doing and I love it.

Ace + Jig.