Cosmic Gal – Space Fever [1979]

“My Wonderful, Wonderful Friend, Liberace”



During the Spring of 1985, Liberace did a brief acting stint on the NBC soap, Another World. Lee played himself and long time friend to fictional character/ clotheshorse/ jazz club owner, Felicia Gallant [played by the marvelous Linda Dano]. Above, a few images of the two on set.


Look No. 0000-42


Black Leather-Look Dress [Zara]


Gold Serpent Metal Necklace [Amazon]

‘The Line Up’ Black Leather Booties [Nine West]

Athens, Georgia – On this trip I discovered I have eaten myself a few sizes up in wearing the threads I packed in the weekender bag I brought with me on this trip. I’m not biting my nails over my weight gain but I’m not happy with it. Also, I’ve been chewing at the knowing of my accelerating pounds yet not doing a damn thing about it. Shrugs shoulders.

I came down here a total mood, leaving 87 percent better. Saturday night I went to a rock show at Littlekings, ending up at another bar where I fell down and two guys helped me off of the floor. Sunday I spent recuperating. Monday I wore the outfit featured above, had a much needed tarot reading from a blessed friend and later watched “Pray for Death” [1985] at Flicker bar.

Thrift Score: October, 2019

1980s vtg. red abstract floral print robe with waist-tie [Mary McFadden]
1950s vtg. powder blue suitcase [B. Altman & Co.]

Found: a festive woven basket


This recently found chenille bedspread needs a bit of love. There is a two foot long tear that can easily be repaired. I paid three dollars for it. Found inside of a Goodwill thrift store on border of Virginia and North Carolina.
Used compact discs + 1940s vtg. yellow lucite hand held mirror

Somewhere in Virginia and North Carolina – A few more items were scored and now loved again.

A Happening: Halloween, 2019





Maila Nurmi-Vampira (35)
Malia Nurmi as Vampira [c., early to mid 1950s]










Somewhere in The Carolinas – All Hallows’ Eve is here. This year’s costume is none other than that ghoulish queen of a horror hostess, Vampira. As I have noted before, my costume I select and begin gathering a year in advance. Little did I know that I really wanted to be Candy from the award winning F/X television series, Pose. After viewing season two [which aired in late spring/ early summer of this year], I wanted to do my girl justice but couldn’t get her 1980s look together on the cheap.

My Vampira costume I tried to replicate as close to Ms. Nurmi’s original look as possible for someone on a tight budget. This multi-layered look consists of a black stretch velvet gown I found online for cheap. The gown’s sleeves I shredded to give it that special touch. The bat glasses came from a party store. They were black plastic bat frames with a white overlay, which with a bottle of gold metallic paint and black craft paper [for lenses], I fashioned into Vampira’s famous sunglasses. The synthetic black wig with [side] part and long red press-on nails I also found online. The black high heeled sandals with wood base were nabbed while out thrifting. The black parasol I’ve had forever. Beneath the gown, I’ve got on a black bullet bra, an underbust corset and black seamed fishnet stockings [Items I keep in my wardrobe]. All together, this costume roughly cost around one hundred bucks. For me it was worth the investment as I can and will wear these pieces individually in the [near] future.

Look No. 0000-41




Pop Boutique ‘Wednesday’ velvet dress [ASOS]
Raven skull ring in Silver [eBay]

Black bangs – never combed straight.
A bit of chipped nail lacquer and the mirror reflection
Gold + black baroque beaded cross necklace [eBay]
Vegan suede thigh high boots in black

Somewhere in The Carolinas – It is finally raining. It’ll be moist throughout tomorrow eve: Halloween. I am still getting in that costume though.

Check it: I just stumbled upon something called “Mischief Night”. It is a night of innocent fun-filled teen-aged pranks that occurs the night before Halloween. Mischief Night is a long honored happening in the U.K. and sections of the U.S. [i.e., the northeastern states]. In today’s America, I don’t think I’d be down for a Mischief Night prank. Just sayin’.

I decided to get dressed today and not look like a slob. The photos I have snapped of myself in today’s outfit do not do it justice. It’s a solid combo: a black long sleeve mini-dress with Peter Pan collar and black vegan suede thigh high boots.

Those of you fellow clothes hounds who haven’t been paying close attention: Stop tossing your pieces out if you chase “what’s in/ what’s out”. At this point, in fashion design nothing is new. Keep the thigh high boots – especially ones with a rounded toe and thick-ish heel. Also, looks from The 60s and 70s keep coming back like that rubber ball stapled on a ping pong paddle. Some writers are passing this off as a ’90s’ look. The 90s weren’t an electric time in fashion, sorry to tell you. I was there as a young adult. The cool kids were rocking everything else but the 90s [as in what was popular or trendy]. Even then, high-end designers and vintage-wearing youth were def working out the looks of the 20s through the 70s. Point is, keep everything classic/ from the way back of the time machine and you’ll never have to buy whatever it is again.