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*Gigantic photobook of David Cassidy  [The Official David Cassidy Fan Club, c. early 1970s]


Somewhere in southern California – Mother and I are having an early morning baking session before the summer heat turns itself all of the way up. I am very happy to have this shared moment with her. Later today, I plan on gifting one of my siblings with a vintage David Cassidy program/ photo book [*above] I found thrifting last summer. She loves 70s-era David. It’s so damn cute.

Today’s look is comprised of items I felt embodied a cool 1940s-style summer feeling with a fruity cocktail to match later. The tropical print shirtwaist red dress [Wen Grace] worn with a rope belt [Villven] match each other wonderfully. The red, yellow and green carved resin bangles, circular bamboo earrings, cherry red hexagon shaped sunglasses [Shauna] and beige leather low heeled open toe shoes [Shujiin] begged to be paired with this vintage styled thing I have going on. The leopard printed handbag and eggshell colored lace parasol are for walking later the afternoon sun.

I am glad to finally be back home.


A Happening: Sound Investments

Who’s Zoomin’ Who [Arista/ 1985] – Aretha Franklin
B-X0 NO-47A [BYG Actuel/ 1969] – Anthony Braxton
L.T. and them l.p.s [July, 2019]
The Nancy Wilson Show! [Capitol/ 1965] – Nancy Wilson

Johnny Thunders

Johnny on stage [May, 1981] – photo: Rob Gander
John Anthony Genzale [b. July 15, 1952 – d. April 23, 1991], better known by his stage name Johnny Thunders, was an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He came to prominence in the early 1970s as a member of the New York Dolls. He later played with The Heartbreakers and as a solo artist.

Fantasy Coffins


Salmon fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
Tab Diet Cola Can fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
Mercedes-Benz fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
Rooster fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
Men’s dress shoe fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
Lightbulb fantasy coffin [Artist unknown]
The people of Ghana have some talent for sure. If it were not for the rampant crime and violence I someday would like to visit the land, see their [outsider] art and perhaps witness a funeral procession using a fantasy coffin. Fantasy coffins symbolize not only the deceased but the life they embraced or truly wished to live while on Earth and will continue into their next life. These coffins and the skills at play are jaw-dropping.

Tom Carvel

On this day in 1906, [New York] tri state-area ice cream magnate Tom Carvel was born. Cookie Puss, originally named Celestial Person, was created by Carvel corporate chef Andrew Bianchi in 1972.

Enjoy this television commercial from 1984 with voice-over by the man himself, gravel throated, slobber infused Tom Carvel. As to who is the voice of Cookie Puss is unknown to me.

A Happening: Sound Investments

No More Lies [1989/ Ruthless] – Michel’le
Keep On Movin’ [1988/ Virgin] – Soul II Soul

It’s Your Night [1983/ Qwest] – James Ingram
Somewhere in The Carolinas – It has been a month and a half since I began taking Chantix to stop smoking [The taste of cigarettes is now not pleasant to me if I picked one up] and six months or so since I quit drinking morning, noon and night [I will drink socially among friends and acquaintances, which I see rarely, which means I hardly drink anymore]. My nerves are jangled and I am chronically in a mood as my body is finding its’ normal again. There is far less nerve pain which strikes but just less often.

I present to you my Friday night stay-at-home music to kick off the afternoon and evening. James Ingram I nabbed for Yah Mo Be There [1983]. That song is so good it gives me phantom period cramps. Same goes for Michel’le’s helium-filled hit, No More Lies [1989] and Jazzy B’s Soul II Soul with Keep On Movin’ [1988]. I am working on getting my R & B/ Soul/ Hip-hop of the 70s through the ’90s pulled all the way together right now. It’s about time and the feeling is good.

3 Things

Late List zine #3 by klon J. Waldrip [2019]
Waldrip‘s long awaited issue of Late List zine is ready for you phreeks to get into. Sordid stories and gritty photographs from [former] video store clerks and customers to yank yer crank to. Lastly, there is a contribution in issue three from me. On sale now, babies.

Kim Kim Kim [Volt/ 1970] – Kim Weston
The soulful Ms. Weston’s Kim Kim Kim was on STAX’s roster of digitally downloadable albums during the month of June [also known as Black Music month]. I had never heard this l.p. or, for the matter, many of the l.p.s listed. Kim Kim Kim is a treat.

Movies [And Other Things] by Shea Serrano [Oct., 2019]
To be released this coming October is Shea Serrano’s latest book, Movies [And Other Things] [Twelve Publication]. This read [about movies and the impact they play on society – for better or worse] is one of the most anticipated titles coming out this fall.

Tura Satana

Tura on the set of Faster, Pussycat Kill! Kill! [1965]
Tura Satana [b. July 10, 1938 – d. February 4, 2011] was a Japanese American actress, vedette and exotic dancer.