Look No. 0000-41




Pop Boutique ‘Wednesday’ velvet dress [ASOS]
Raven skull ring in Silver [eBay]

Black bangs – never combed straight.
A bit of chipped nail lacquer and the mirror reflection
Gold + black baroque beaded cross necklace [eBay]
Vegan suede thigh high boots in black

Somewhere in The Carolinas – It is finally raining. It’ll be moist throughout tomorrow eve: Halloween. I am still getting in that costume though.

Check it: I just stumbled upon something called “Mischief Night”. It is a night of innocent fun-filled teen-aged pranks that occurs the night before Halloween. Mischief Night is a long honored happening in the U.K. and sections of the U.S. [i.e., the northeastern states]. In today’s America, I don’t think I’d be down for a Mischief Night prank. Just sayin’.

I decided to get dressed today and not look like a slob. The photos I have snapped of myself in today’s outfit do not do it justice. It’s a solid combo: a black long sleeve mini-dress with Peter Pan collar and black vegan suede thigh high boots.

Those of you fellow clothes hounds who haven’t been paying close attention: Stop tossing your pieces out if you chase “what’s in/ what’s out”. At this point, in fashion design nothing is new. Keep the thigh high boots – especially ones with a rounded toe and thick-ish heel. Also, looks from The 60s and 70s keep coming back like that rubber ball stapled on a ping pong paddle. Some writers are passing this off as a ’90s’ look. The 90s weren’t an electric time in fashion, sorry to tell you. I was there as a young adult. The cool kids were rocking everything else but the 90s [as in what was popular or trendy]. Even then, high-end designers and vintage-wearing youth were def working out the looks of the 20s through the 70s. Point is, keep everything classic/ from the way back of the time machine and you’ll never have to buy whatever it is again.

Look No. 0000-40


Dusty dreaming of spicy prawn crackers.



Snacks and What-nots from the local International market [* sunshades and mask were not a part of the deal]





Somewhere in The Carolinas – This never-ending summer continues as we enter the second or third day of autumn. Global warming has never lied. I am still snickering at those who think because Mabon is here, it will automatically drop to a crisp 63 degrees as crunchy leaves in gold, orange and red tickle their blankly optimistic faces with all falsely being calm. Absolutely ridiculous. Reality dictates autumn does not truly grab hold until the day after Halloween. Hello?!

Today’s “look” builds off of a 1950s style tropical print cotton blend sundress I’ve had in the closet for some time. Accessories I have paired with this dress should be familiar to those who follow these outfits I put together. Every thing…every piece of clothing and costume jewelry was scored off of Ali Express minus the 1940s vintage cuff bracelet with scarabs and Egyptian royalty.

My neck and head are sore. Symptoms of my post-stroke life. These joint aches and searing pains are related to nerve damage. I’m going to lay back and work on my late day snack game. Just a nib as there aren’t good things in these “treats”. I’ll mainly drink copious amounts of water and lounge in the sun. Good day, babies.

Look No. 0000-39: Last Splash














Tassel throw blanket [Opalhouse] + Mineral Desert roll-on parfum [Good Chemestry]

Virginia Beach, Virginia – Snapshots from the last couple of days spent in V.B. with MWF. He had to claim his award winning painting so we chilled out for a few days. No sight seeing or anything of the sort. Just me and him frolicing in the ocean and drinking red wine.

I laugh as summer is over in five and a half weeks but some people have it in their heads that because the pop-up Halloween stores are cropping up like fungus that fall is here. Sorry to break it to you guys, it’s not. And to the same folks, pumpkin spice is repulsive. There is no hurry for summer to come to an end. Step back into those bermuda shorts and enjoy that hammock outdoors.

A quick rundown of the various looks I chose to wear for fun in the sun… The 1940s style floral print shirtwaist dress with puff sleeves [Bazaleas] is adorable. Above I have paired it with mixed stacked bangles, red oblong lucite ring and a vintage pink wood handbag with pearlized lucite handles [thrift store find] and lilac suede ‘Loretta’ peep toe heels [Miss L Fire].

Look number two consists of a black long sleeved shear blouse with pussy bow [Gumuxi] worn with 1950s style black high waist cigarette pants [Piplotex], black catseye sunglasses with gold studs and a pair of black patent leather high heels with red hearts on each toe [Loslandifen]. A good look to go thrifting in. [Halfway through shopping, the heels came off and when directly into my oversized tote. I’m no fool.]

My beach look features a simple black bathing suit. I found it thrifting last month. It’s 1970s vintage, buttons up from the front and clasps in back. It is comfortable and flattering. Per usual, when in the sun I have one of my battenburg lace parasols. On this trip, I have my black one with me. The bathing suit I paired with the same black catseye sunglass worn earlier and a black faux suede espadrilles.

This style segment I’ve entitled ‘Last Splash’ is due to the fact this getaway will probably be the last one I take until next year, next spring even. To date, I have had a very good summer. One filled with love, harmony and great food. I radiate electricity. You radiate the good sense to follow this blog. Many thanks.



Look No. 0000-38: Somewhere Under The Rainbow
















Somewhere in Southern California – Scum never sleeps and when I am here neither do I.

I am walking, remembering and observing the alleyways and thoroughfares of Hollywood. Strong whiffs of sun dried piss and failed attempts at stardom rise from the streets. Men are caught fist fighting in a ditch. I turn away, absorb the view then ignore the sight. I am swimming and chilling in a pool out in the valley. Summer love.

It is deliriously hot yet I am in a most joyful place. There is nothing else like it.

Look No. 0000-37: That Old Black Magic



The Good Luck bar is no more [Los Feliz/ July 27, 2019]












Somewhere in Southern California – Spotted early this afternoon as we made a soft right off PCH onto Topanga Canyon Blvd. was an older female hitch-hiker with leathered skin in expensive hippie guise thumbing for a ride. My girl-friend and I both shook our heads as if to say, “That is so 1965! Honey, you know you could get murdered delving into that kinda activity.” A little ways up from that scorched mess in withered cut-offs was a mass of a middle aged man who resembled a dead boyfriend of mine, shirtless and crazy from the heat, who clearly looked like he was on PCP. His eyeballs, possessed. His soul, on fire. Catching the demon’s gaze had we both throwing up in our precious mouths.

I boogie down for my hometown [the greater Los Angeles area], full of assholes and their buzzards for pets.

Look No. 0000-36: Yellow Bird








Me + Blue-J having a sip at Tonga Hut [July 25, 2019]






Somewhere in Southern California – It had been a long time since I’d drank from the well of the kitsch tiki gods in their artificially queer environment, a vintage tiki bar. Tiki Ti in East Hollywood and Tonga Hut in North Hollywood both served in quenching this city island maiden’s thirst. Both joints have limited seating, amazing bartenders and decades old decor dressing their interiors. The drinks I enjoyed were extremely fun and worth every penny.

The outfit I wore to Tonga Hut is the look featured above. The 1950s vintage replica Polynesian dress [Collectif] I paired with assorted stacked bracelets and bangles [AliExpress] and Polly of Hollywood-style black sparkle mules [Bordello]. My animal print abstract catseye 1950s style sunglasses I later gave away to a dear girl friend who sweetly hounded me for.

If you are out west and this scene is your thing, please do yourself a favor and dive right in. You will not be disappointed.

Look No. 0000-35: Street Vibrations





Holly Woodlawn: Hollywood Forever [July 28, 2019]

Mr. Blackwell: Hollywood Forever [July 28, 2019]


Herb Jeffries: Hollywood Forever [July 28, 2019]


Vampira: Hollywood Forever [July 28, 2019]



Here’s to the Future: Hollywood Forever [July 28, 2019]

Somewhere in Southern California – Some thing, some other worldly manifestation grabbed and held my paralyzed hand within the maze of the Hollywood Forever cemetery and again while on foot in Thai Town. I was not scared just startled. It was not a negative experience only jarring. These minor incidents proving that spirits do walk among us, the well intentioned and the ones filled with rage and ill intent.

Today’s look consists of a white 1950s style button-down blouse [Zaful], black belt with gold clasp, black and gold hip scarf, black cotton 1950s replica cigarette pants [Piplotex] and black canvas lace-up espadrilles. The sparkling black catseye sunglasses and stacked bracelets add a touch of pizzazz to this crisp and easy summer outfit.

More sight-seeing and reminiscing to be had on foot as I head back to my old Los Feliz neighborhood. Going to grab a bite to eat later with old friends at Umami Burger.


Look No. 0000-33

“Beach Baby, Beach Baby/ Give me your hand/ From July til the end of September” – First Class [1974]

My mouth watering outside of Prosperity Kitchen & Pantry in Virginia Beach


In love with my realistic wraparound ‘bat’ ring [middle finger]

I thought this was a neat vintage sign – The Yorktown. The grounds were super maintained. I think we should stay here if there is a ‘next time’. Highly doubtful. [Yorktown, Virginia]

The Mister and Mrs in a hotel lobby [Yorktown, Virginia]
Black high waist bikini got some action.





We traveled up to Virginia last weekend where MWF is currently showing a piece at the Virginia Beach Arts Center [VBAC]. He got twisted booking accommodations and we ended up staying in Yorktown [which is fifty miles north of Virginia Beach]. I had no complaints as I was tagging along, acting as moral support, lounging near the hotel swimming pool. As for Yorktown, it is a colonial looking place. Its’ beach is a dirty bay with weekend warriors looking like busted cast members of any MTV reality show in the past thirty years, littering the place. Away from the “beach” was where it was at. Now, if you are in the Virginia Beach area, check out their art, their beaches and everything else. All smiles. No frowning.

Two of my three outfits I was able to capture. The first outfit is one I think suits me and wears with ease. I have most certainly gotten my money’s worth out of the black boxy shift dress [that can be worn two ways]. My one issue with this item is that it has no pockets. Paired with this look are a black oversized straw boater, black faux leather fisherman tote bag, assorted bracelets and bangles and a pair of black faux suede espadrilles. Rounding off this look, a pair of black bat wing sunglasses with silver accents.

The second outfit is clearly a knock-off of a designer whose name escapes me as I write this. The balloon-style blouse and crisp high waisted shorts are a dream. So perfect for spring and summer seasons. This piece and another matching piece I will be passing along with pleasure. As with the first outfit, the straw boater, stacked bracelets, bat wing sunglasses and black espadrilles played a part. My feet felt so good in these shoes. The black faux leather angular handbag with metal hardware has a strong No Wave vibe on it. Hearts flying from my peepers.

A bit of drama wrapped in casualwear? As I have made the case, it can be done.

Look No. 0000-32




What is this mess?! [i.e., bunched up garment on crappy mannequin]




Somewhere in The Carolinas – The mannequin needs a re-haul and the cocktail dress needs to be tended to.

Featured is a late 1960s Emilio Pucci cocktail dress I found thrifting many, many moons ago. I ran out of money when I spotted it, begging my sister to buy it for me. I have never worn it and it still has the thrift store tag on it. When found, it was in very good condition but since the multiple moves to various states I hang my head low in shame. Honestly, it needs a good cleaning and some of its’ snap fasteners can be tightened up. Paired with this groovy piece, pink wavy framed sunshades, a grey beaded necklace with oversized crystal, blond wood bracelets, black plastic hard shell lip-shaped clutch [all from various vendors at AliExpress] and a pair of black patent leather, pointed toe slingbacks [Qupid]. This outfit is pure sunshine and just a bit snobby. It’s love.

As for the mannequin, its’ legs [I feel] are ill-fitted. Perhaps there is a trick to get it to stand where the garments do not bunch up or slide off. I have one fully functional arm/hand to work with and no assistant, so I have got to be crafty. Add: After this shoot wrapped up, its’ [the mannequin] glass base shattered into raindrop-sized pieces.

Time to get even craftier.

Look No. 0000-31








Somewhere in The Carolinas – Nothing special is going on. In my personal life, I am trying to find options to manage chronic pain as well as line up medical appointments to make sure everything is in order. The shots above were taken of an outfit I wore last night and roughly two weeks ago. This is today’s feature.

The western-style sundress with Vargas-esque cowgirl print [Queen of Hollowdy] is a comfortable piece as it is made from a cotton blend. I initially ordered this item in red but the vendor ran out so I chose black.

The multi-colored woven tote bag and most of my assorted bangles were found thrifting. The two-tone sunglasses, leopard-print textured belt, red beaded necklace and sheer black scarf I nabbed from AliExpress. The gold and silver Polly of Hollywood-style mules complete The Look [Patricia Field for Payless ].

This outfit is fun, flirty and functional. It is a simple look if I want to go to market or go to a local bar. Hair and makeup can be clean and not so fussy. The same goes with those accessories. Dress it up or dress it down.