Brian Eno: 71

Eno lookin’ like a snack [c. mid-1970s]
Eno working on Another Green World [1975]
Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno [b. May 15, 1948] is an English musician, record producer, and visual artist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contributions to rock, pop, electronic, and generative music.


A Happening: Sound Investments

A Thing Called Faith [Praise Records] – The Leona Owen Singers
Just Plain Charley [1970/MCA Victor] – Charley Pride
Just Between You and Me [1968/ RCA Victor] – Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton
Recent secondhand hot wax finds: The thrifting gods have blessed me with 1960s and 70s country and gospel vinyl platters. Oooo-weeee! Soon, I will warm up the stereo and give all three of these records a listen. Always goal: To find utterly insane Jesus albums by wacked-out Bible thumpers. Gimme dat.


A Happening: Sound Investments

L.T.’s Hot Wax: Soup for One motion picture soundtrack [Mirage Records/ 1982]
L.T.’s Hot Wax: G.I.T. [Motown/ 1973] – The Jackson 5
L.T.’s Hot Wax: The World of Harry Partch [Columbia/ 1969] – Harry Partch

L.T.’s Hot Wax: Ode to Billie Joe [Capitol/ 1967] – Bobbie Gentry

A Happening: 2018 Vinyl Recap

Collected Vinyl, 2018: L.T.U.
From left to right: John Cassavetes’ Shadows – Charles Mingus/ New York Dolls – New York Dolls [re-issue]/ My Tennessee Mountain Home – Dolly Parton/ Black Origami – Jlin/ Stars – K-Tel
L.T. [September, 2018]
Athens, Georgia: Loving my silver serpent wraparound bracelet + gold double bangle with chunky crystal.

Collected Vinyl, 2018: L.T.U.
From left to right: Bandwagonesque – Teenage Fanclub/ Fantastic – K-Tel/ Disco Hustle – Various artists/ Country, My Way – Nancy Sinatra/ Listen Now – Phil Manzanera + 801/ The World of Arthur Russell – Arthur Russell
Collected Vinyl, 2018: L.T.U.
Forever Now – Psychedelic Furs

Collected Vinyl, 2018: L.T.U.
From left to right: Anita O’Day – Anita O’Day/ Disco Nights – K-Tel/ Ginger Rogers + Bette Davis – Hollywood Immortals on Radio/ Stay Sick! – The Cramps [re-issue]/ Bryan Ferry – Bryan Ferry
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Record spending came to a grinding halt in these past few months. Vinyl you are looking is merely a dash of what I raked in this year. New + Used + Reissues.

Honestly, I could stop buying and be completely satisfied with what I’ve amassed…but…I won’t.

Thank you for following.

More to come in 2019.