Tom Carvel

On this day in 1906, [New York] tri state-area ice cream magnate Tom Carvel was born. Cookie Puss, originally named Celestial Person, was created by Carvel corporate chef Andrew Bianchi in 1972.

Enjoy this television commercial from 1984 with voice-over by the man himself, gravel throated, slobber infused Tom Carvel. As to who is the voice of Cookie Puss is unknown to me.








Somewhere in The Carolinas – Yesterday, early afternoon, we drove the backroads and enjoyed lunch with a fish head.

In Memoriam: Jonathan Gold


Jonathan Gold [b. July 28, 1960 – d. July 21, 2018] was a Pulitzer Prize winning American food critic who wrote for the Los Angeles Times and the L.A. Weekly. Gold could often be heard on local public radio station, K-CRW, in the L.A. area. Whenever he dropped the knowledge on his followers, one immediately felt compelled to drop everything and try whatever it was he jazzed about. A sad loss right here.

In Memoriam: Anthony Bourdain

“Basic cooking skills are a virtue. The ability to feed yourself and a few others with proficiency should be taught to every young man and woman as a fundamental skill.”

Anthony Bourdain [b. June 25, 1956 – d. June 8, 2018] was an American chef, rebel, author, bon vivant, man of style, champion for humanity and music lover.

A Happening: home.made [Athens, Georgia]


Athens, Georgia – Feeling fine and mellow. Tonight, I dined out with a friend [T.V.], stepping out in a deep green midi length dress with full mutton sleeves, orange velvet smoking jacket with floral embroidery, jet black gladiator block heeled pumps and black circular handbag with gold hardware. Costume jewelry worn was sparse.

I found out about home.made’s supper club through one of their posts on Instagram and had to check it out. I don’t dine out much yet have been to home.made a handful of times. For a two course meal at the advertised price, I was not going to pass it up.

In short: home.made offers delicious, not-too-pricey southern-American cuisine in a modern rustic, clean and spacious setting. Parking can be a bit tight. If you are disabled, there is only one space designated in front. The waitstaff is always pleasant. The dining room isn’t loud and you won’t feel claustrophobia immediately setting in. As for the food, home.made always have those dishes [or, items] that stay on your tongue and you want more of. Tonight’s meatloaf offering did just that for me. Portions could have been bigger. Fill up on some rice cakes or whatever is in your cupboards beforehand. Just sayin’.

If you live nearby [or, may be visiting soon], give home.made a try.


White Shirt


It’s well after Labor Day. I am wearing my current favorite white button-down shirt. Crisp yet a touch crumpled. I seriously suspect the fashion police will berate me on said wardrobe choice(s). A look that reads “preppy casual biz: 1978”.

The denim high waisted 1970s style gauchos I keep promising are going into retirement. I got my monies worth out of them. They are so comfortable and honestly my go-to jeans at the moment.

Above are the last shots from my recent visit to North Carolina. Saluting great weather and my amazing companion with a toast from me and a favored ale, Tartastic.

Good-day, Summer, 2017.

Two For The Road










Date night in Bull City.

Durham, it’s safe to say, I fell in love with well before I arrived. The independent eateries, boutiques and shops were nothing I had expected. A walkable town, we were on foot the entire time, with some new discovery right before our very eyes at most every turn.

Highly recommended:

Brunch at Scratch – Their Biscuit Benedict was buttery delicious with the perfect amount of basil and tomato. It’s one you should place your bottom dollar on.

Pizzeria Toro – Ordered their house prosciutto cotto, castelvetrano olives, crucolo pizza and a bowl of cold tomato soup with watermelon and basil sorbetto. Bursting with harmonious flavors. An absolute knock-out.

Vert & Vogue – Fashion forward clothing and goods for women and men.

Carolina Soul record shop – New and used vinyl. Heavy on the used. Heavy on Soul/ R & B/ Disco/ Rap/ Breakbeat/ Jazz/ Rock. Get ready to dig. Nice and helpful staff.

The Carolina Theatre – We took in a double feature, hosted by Retrofantasma. I’d never seen The Last House on the Left [1972]. New cinematic favorite? What do you think? [Answer: Y-E-S!]