Thrift Scores: April, 2019

L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1960s vtg. gold metal vanity chair with cherry red velvet cushion
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1970s vtg. ceramic owl cookie jar
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1950s vtg. two-tone ashtray
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1950s vtg. two-tone ashtray
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1970s vtg. praying child miniature wall hanging art
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1950s vtg. large ceramic marbled vase
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1970s vtg. Great Smoky Mts. souvenir miniature ashtray
L.T.’s Thrift Score [April, 2019]: 1950s vtg. round rattan patio chair
Somewhere in The Carolinas – April proved to be a decent month in digging up Mid-20th century home goods and furnishings. All of these pieces turned up in the same secondhand spot I sometimes frequent. When items or collections arrive at the thrift shop at the same time, I’ve come to assume that they have come from the same donor.

The 1960s vtg. gold metal vanity chair will need a Coke-and-tin-foil scrub-down to bring back its’ luster. The mid-60 to 1970s vtg. owl cookie jar is well-used. The paint is chipped and there is sign a substantial crack has been repaired. This item I will be gifting in the near future. Every other piece I acquired was in fairly good condition. Yes, even the circular rattan patio chair.


3 Things

High-waist Color-blocked Gingham bikini  [*each sold separately] [J. Crew]

 This bikini has my name written all over it. But, do I want to spend this type of money?

‘Girls Just Wanna Have Sun’ beach towel [Anthroplogie]
Leopard print high-waist bikini  [*each sold separately]  [Collectif x Playful Promises]

Thrift Scores: March, 2019

L.T.’s North Carolina Thrift Score [March, 2019]: This pair of 70s vtg. velvet paintings I am more than likely going to re-sell at Atomic Vintage in Athens, Georgia. When will I? I don’t know just yet.
L.T.’s North Carolina Thrift Score [March, 2019]

A few DVDs I found thrifting last month. One buck a piece.

This dope ass late 1940s/ early 1950s end table lamp. Be still. my heart. Better yet, come home with me [even if I find you a touch overpriced].
L.T.’s Georgia Thrift Score [March, 2019]: Needed this – a wood carved jewelry box. Its’ vintage/age? I cannot tell. The tiny lock was pried off of it. This item will now hold my costume pins, bracelets and rings.
Thrift store view outside of Atlanta, Georgia [March, 2019]
Sharing a few thrifted finds with you, dear reader. Per usual, something good seems to catch my eye out there doing the dig. Enjoy.

Thrift Scores: February, 2019

L.T.’s Thrift Score: 1930s vtg. chest o’ drawers
L.T.’s Thrift Score: ‘The Transport’ Leather Tote by Madewell
L.T.’s Thrift Score: 1930 vtg. dressing table with glass shelf
L.T.’s Thrift Score: 1970s vtg. Zodiac hanging wall art

Somewhere in The Carolinas – All of the above items [and a few more vintage/ used finds] cost a little under: $150.00. The thrifting gods blessed me this month. It has been a long, long while since this has happened. The pieces of furniture scored has a few slight nicks but nothing serious. Items are not warped, cracked or bubbling. The dressing table will need a mirror. I am hoping a matching armoire turns up at the thrift store I found the other two pieces in in the next few weeks. Mmmm…doubtful.

* Update: MWF found a 1930s vintage mirror, round, the following weekend. I was sick in bed from allergies and he did a lovely thing.

3 Things


‘Lip Service’ coffee mug [Zandra Rhodes]

Never say never. I may very well end up with Rhodes’ entire line of fiftieth anniversary ‘Lipstick 50’ coffee mugs. One never knows. M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m…Heavens no! Only two. And, make it…match-y match-y.

Axel black loafer [Andre Assous]

The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara [Harper-Collins/ 2018]
Cassara’s re-imagining of The House of Xtravaganza, first brought to the world stage via Jenny Livingston’s epic 1991 L.G.B.T. documentary, Paris Is Burning. Did I pre-order this title?! Well, if you have to ask… [P-s-s-s-s-t! It’s in the mail. I stopped lending out my library. Which very well means: Go buy your own.] I enjoy winter and the curl-up-to-a-good-book-in-bed thing speaks to me. This title I hope exceeds whatever lowered expectations I may harbor.



3 Things


Late 1960s vintage Art Deco-styled lucite loveseat [Fur And Gold Vintage]


Madonna 66 by Richard Corman [NJG Publishing]

Sixty-six Polaroid photographs of pop singer Madonna from 1983. All shot and gloriously captured by Corman. I have been following his Instagram account over the last year and my heart swells for young, hungry Madge.


‘Modern Art Assumption’ jacket [Abbey Rich]