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Athens, Georgia – Last Friday night in northeast Georgia. It was pouring rain on and off. Spent not enough days with a long-time best friend. Day one of Hot Corner was a wash. Plans were cancelled to meet with Instagram co-horts which I was bummed about but quickly got over. I found something for me to get into: Creature Comforts’ Athena Paradiso and a late-night punk showcase at Go bar. Left the joint well-before closing time [A first!] and was witness to a new favorite band, Rottweiler.

My outfit for the evening went a little something like this: tropical wide-leg jumpsuit [Vadim], gold circular earrings + gold ‘D’ bamboo necklace + assorted wood bangles [AliExpress], black sheer long scarf [worn as a belt] [thrift store find], black circular handbag with silver hardware [AliExpress] and brown leather and wood high heeled sandals [Envy]. Overall, a tribute to the 1940s donning nothing but modernwear. It may not have been fitting for a punk show but it did the job.


A Happening: Sound Investments

20 Explosive Original Hits [K-Tel International/ 1971] – Various artists
Cracked asphalt beneath a stick of sage

Too Much, Too Soon [2017 re-issue] [1974/ Mercury] – New York Dolls
Straight Ahead [1981 re-issue] [1961/ Candid] – Abbey Lincoln

Leather and Lace [1981/ RCA] – Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter
Athens, Georgia – I found a slightly charred smudge stick on my walk home from work. It was semi-tucked away under shrubbery, lying on asphalt. I felt it in my best interest to leave it alone. Never mess with another’s mojo. What I did not leave alone were these few pieces of hot wax from my vinyl collection. Tunes to unwind and bring myself back to life after a series of tough times at work.




Tendre-herted, slydynge of corage



The World of Arthur Russell [Soul Jazz/ 2004] – Arthur Russell
Long stem red roses + assorted flora [Flowers.com]
Nirvana Rose eau de parfum [3.4 oz] – Elizabeth and James
Athens, Georgia – A St. Valentine’s day filled with wonderful surprises. For me, it has been a long, long while. And for us, the best is yet to come.


Girls Rock Athens: Boys Who Rock For Girls [2018]

Lavish Heaux is ready to go

Athens, Georgia – Tonight is the last of three nights of live music performances by your fave-rave local male musicians covering their fave-rave female musicians. Girls Rock Athens presents: Boys Who Rock For Girls at Hi-Lo lounge[Normaltown]. Show starts at 7:00 p.m. Make it an early night. Bring a friend. Grab a cold brew. Snatch up some sweet s’wag. Be back at home before 1. By showing your support to Girls Rock Athens, you help our musical youth. A good thing. You can bank on it. 10-4.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Funk or Walk [1978/ Atlantic] – The Brides of Funkenstein
Stars [1979/ Fantasy] – Sylvester


Slayed? [1972/ Polydor] – Slade
Athens, Georgia – Not much going on today but me being a mild anxiety attack wearing a two piece navy Miro printed linen pajama set with a sleeveless beige turtleneck beneath. Here, let me remove all vestiges of sexuality from my indoor-outdoor brunch look. Head to toe my entire ensemble beats yours up in three steps. To tamp down whatever is troubling me, here are this afternoon’s selections from my collection of hot wax.



A Happening: Sound Investments

Doin’ the Thing [Blue Note/ 1961] – The Horace Silver Quintet
Vinyl [from my personal collection] that I am tuned into right now.
Candida Cosmica [Dark Entries/ 2016] – Patrick Crowley & Candida Royalle
Honky Tonk Heroes [RCA/ 1973] – Waylon Jennings

A Happening: Sound Investments

Jody Watley [1987/ MCA] – Jody Watley
The President Plays With Oscar Peterson [1952/ Verve] – Lester Young with The Oscar Peterson trio
Coin Coin: Chapter One – Gens de Couleur Libres [2011/ Constellation] [compact disc] – Matana Roberts

Step II [1978/ Fantasy] – Sylvester
Athens, Georgia – Today’s weather is crisp, cold with bright sunny skies. For me, the perfect elements for an enjoyable winter day. No complaints here.

I pulled out a few records and a compact disc for housecleaning: the deep scrubbing edition. Jody Watley’s solo debut and Sylvester’s Step II are old faves. I thoroughly snatch dirt from cracks, crevices and baseboards with up-tempo dance music. Donna Summer’s double album, On the Radio, is another album that aids me during Saturday cleaning. The Young and Peterson album is romantic, straight ahead jazz. It swings and you don’t need to be to mathematical when listening to it. Matana Roberts’ Coin Coin: Chapter One was given to me as a Christmas present from MWF. Roberts, a multi-talented saxophonist, is doing that free jazz thing with a brain, heart, humor and soul. This one caught me by surprise as I’d never heard of her. Thoroughly enjoyable. New fan.

A Happening: Sound Investments

New York Is Now! – Vol. 1[Blue Note/ 1968] – Ornette Coleman
Kick Out The Jams [Elektra/ 1969] – MC5

Pink Panther Punk [ Kid Stuff/ 1981] – Unknown artist
They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?: Musical Highlights from the Original Soundtrack [ABC/ 1969] – Johnny Green and His Orchestra + various artists
Athens, Georgia – I am currently doing whatever it takes to snatch myself out of a post-Christmas muck and mire. The time spent among humans/ people was fair to really good. Somewhere along the way, I contracted a yucky flu [which I am still working through]. Right now, hot green tea with profuse amounts of lemon and honey and the vinyl platters [above] for optimal wellness.



A Happening: Sound Investments

Jailbreak [Mercury/ 1976] – Thin Lizzy

I, Clowns [Columbia/ 1970] – Nino Rota

Abra Kadavar [Nuclear Blast/ 2013] – Kadavar
Athens, Georgia – I am outdoors sitting on the porch, bundled in a ratty secondhand fur and pointy toe cherry red boots, listening to records.  Sunlight dappling through the tall trees, giving me the slightest hint that warm weather will return and the flu will be a faint memory. Now, alone time…with these guys. Perfection.