Satan’s Slave [1976]


Lux Interior

photo cred: n/a

Lux Interior [b. October 21, 1946 – d. February 4, 2009] was a rock ‘n roll dream. Would you just look at him?! I want to imaging he is performing that classic Cramps’ panty-dropper, Sunglasses After Dark. I count myself as lucky in having witnessed him and his antics [plus, his equally killer wife, Ivy] in the flesh. Hot damn.

To my main man, happy birthday…wherever you are.

Look-in: 1970s Vintage Magazine Covers

Boney M. [March 17, 1979]

Bryan Ferry [October 19, 1974]
Debbie Harry of Blondie [March 10, 1979]
Benny Hill [February, 1975]
[The] Sweet [August 17, 1974]
Somewhere in The Carolinas – I’d never heard of or seen a cover of Look-in before today. The illustrated covers from the British publication [during the 70s] are outta sight, don’t you think? No, these images are not a part of a personal collection. They are images I found rooting around online.

Tor Johnson

A clip of a barely talking, perhaps just grunting, Tor Johnson as a Turkish bath clerk in the early 1950s television drama – I Led 3 Lives [1953 – 1956]. The program centered around a man who worked undercover for the C.I.A. Johnson, a bit player in Hollywood, is most famously known for his role as Inspector Daniel Clay in Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space.

La Wanda Page

Headshot of La Wanda Page from the early to mid-70s

Why who doesn’t know about the late, great comedic actress La Wanda Page? Pretty sure it is some of you out there. Known for her raunchy stand-up act and salty mouth, Page became a household name as the cantankerous Bible thumping sister-in-law of stingy junk collector, Fred G. Sanford on the wildly popular 70s sitcom, Sanford and Son. Although Page passed away in the early 2000s, today I honor her watching a film I’ve never seen, one of the horror genre – Mausoleum [1983].

Harris Glenn Milstead

A clip from one of [I believe] two snippets of Mondo Trasho [1969] with dialog in the film. If you have not seen this John Waters flick, it is a must-see for fans of baby Divine and the Dreamlanders. In this scene, Divine has just committed a hit-and-run. A vision of the Virgin Mary comes to our bloodied criminal in a dingy Baltimore laundromat. If he had lived, actor Harris Glenn Milstead [also known as Divine] would have turned seventy-five today.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Around the World in a Day [Warner Bros./ 1985] – Prince and The Revolution
Tracks and Traces [re-issue][Gronland/ 2010] – Harmonia & Eno ’76

The start of a howlin’ good time.

Let Me in Your Life [Atlantic/ 1974] – Aretha Franklin
Magic Fly [Disques Vogue/ 1977] – Space
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Halloween is coming to life, especially out front on this porch. Here come the kitschy decorations, a couple of records and a portable turntable. Applying the faux spider webbing to the awning, brick pillars and leafy green hedges is one of my areas of decorative expertise. Such joy.