Albert Ayler


Albert Ayler [b. July 13, 1936 – d. November 25, 1970] was American free jazz saxophonist, composer and singer. We celebrate you and your legacy.


Look No. 0000-23: Abandoned Play


Somewhere in The Carolinas – Spaces and places. So much of the past, decaying and rotting. Falling down. Rusting. Collapsing into itself. To me, a dreamscape: Nothing overhauled and made cookie-cutter new.

These two abandoned swing sets caught my eye the first few times I would venture up here from Athens (Georgia) to visit my partner. I am always pointing, gasping, “Pull over! Over there! Look how interesting!” and he’ll roll his eyes, acquiescing by pulling over for my simple wish.

Outfit consists of the following:

mustard striped balloon sleeved linen dress

eggshell colored multi-colored striped baggy linen pants

yellow-orange faux suede obi-style belt

oversized shredded brim straw hat with black grosgrain ribbon ties

‘Everly’ round toe ballet flats in cognac [Target]


Antonio Lopez






Jerry Hall and Antonio Lopez



Antonio Lopez [b. February 11, 1943 – d. March 17, 1987] was a multi-talented Puerto Rican high fashion illustrator + photographer during the Swingin’ Sixties and throughout the Disco era [The 1970s]. He is most famous for his illustrated cover art for [the now defunct] Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine.

Look No. 0000-22


Somewhere in The Carolinas – This post, more proof I need to scout out a photographer who can shoot unblurred shots and capture my personal style. Tough achieving this as I want this blog o’ mine to capture vinyl I collect, design I am currently (or, forever) into and my looks.

I don’t know anyone up here and really should have taken advantage (with pay) of the multitudes of edgy, artsy photographers when I lived and played in Athens, Georgia.

I’ll do better.

The cause for this outfit was for an event the Island Nights arts fundraiser via the Iredell Arts Council in Statesville, North Carolina. My partner, MWF, as well as local artists featured select pieces to be auctioned off. It was a decent time and good to see the scant few locals I know.

Outfit consists of the following pieces:

Electric pink linen two-piece pajama set with abstract multi-colored print

Red geometric sunglasses

one (1) single dark green tassel earring

Black sheer long sleeve blouse with silken stripes

Brown vegan leather clutch

Brown wood and leather braided high heeled sandals

A smile and a pineapple


Look No. 0000-21


Somewhere in The Carolinas – Keeping it minimal as our human rights are consistently being exploited, denied here in The United States. History repeating itself.

Wearing an oversized navy shirt dress with twisted back to symbolize my tears and sorrow. Touches of midnight black to express the reality of darkness which human demons lord their misguided hatred of man upon good beings filled with light (such as myself). The white witches, myself included, are working against you. Know this.

Live and let live. Expand your horizons. Learn to be brave and not silent. If not for anything, you may learn something in the process.

Outfit consists of the following pieces:

Navy twist-back boxy dress with tulip sleeve

Black oversized sunshades with gold trim

Metal dented high neck bib necklace

Raw milky crystal necklace dipped in gold

Black rubber digital wristwatch

Vintage bangles and bracelets – stacked

Sheer navy socks

Black vegan leather Fisherman tote with raw canvas lining

Black velveteen platform sandals

A Happening



From Within [1972/ Scepter] – Dionne Warwick[e]

The Show/ La-Di-Da-Di [1985/ Reality] – Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew + Slick Rick

Labryinth: African Electronic Music 1975 – 1982 [2011/ Born Bad] – Francis Bebey

I Just Wanna Be Your Girl [1979/Arista] – Chapter 8