A Happening: Sound Investments

Living My Life [Island/ 1982] – Grace Jones
Prince Charming [CBS/ 1981] Adam and The Ants
Break Out [Planet/1983] – The Pointer Sisters
Chorus [12″ single] [Mute/ 1991] – Erasure

Somewhere in The Carolinas – Four on the floor on this amazingly lovely day.

Look No. 0000-40


Dusty dreaming of spicy prawn crackers.



Snacks and What-nots from the local International market [* sunshades and mask were not a part of the deal]





Somewhere in The Carolinas – This never-ending summer continues as we enter the second or third day of autumn. Global warming has never lied. I am still snickering at those who think because Mabon is here, it will automatically drop to a crisp 63 degrees as crunchy leaves in gold, orange and red tickle their blankly optimistic faces with all falsely being calm. Absolutely ridiculous. Reality dictates autumn does not truly grab hold until the day after Halloween. Hello?!

Today’s “look” builds off of a 1950s style tropical print cotton blend sundress I’ve had in the closet for some time. Accessories I have paired with this dress should be familiar to those who follow these outfits I put together. Every thing…every piece of clothing and costume jewelry was scored off of Ali Express minus the 1940s vintage cuff bracelet with scarabs and Egyptian royalty.

My neck and head are sore. Symptoms of my post-stroke life. These joint aches and searing pains are related to nerve damage. I’m going to lay back and work on my late day snack game. Just a nib as there aren’t good things in these “treats”. I’ll mainly drink copious amounts of water and lounge in the sun. Good day, babies.

Korla Pandit

Pandit was star of the t.v. program, Korla Pandit’s Adventures in Music. It originally aired in the Los Angeles area during the late 1950s.
Ivy and Lux of The Cramps with the master of disguise, Korla Pandit


Remembering the life and legacy of Korla Pandit. Pandit [ born John Redd in 1921] was a light skinned black man who passed in parts of his private life and throughout a then segregated entertainment industry. Early in his music career, Pandit took on a Mexican identity before he and his [white] wife concocted the Korla Pandit persona complete with  bejeweled turban, tailored Indian garb, a fictitious biography and a gentle manner. Pandit wowed audiences for several decades playing his exotic dazzling licks on either a Hammond CV or Novachord. Pandit never forgot where he came from although his offspring never knew or completely ignored their later revealed heritage. Korla Pandit died in 1998.

Johnnie “Scat” Davis – What Is This Thing?[1938]

Remembering the late actress and voice-over artist, Penny Singleton with a cute and corny Technicolor clip from the 1938 film, Campus Cinderella. Singleton is famously known for bringing comic strip heroine Blondie Bumstead to life on the big screen and years later as the voice of Jane on Hanna-Barbera’s The Jetsons. Featured [above] is Singleton as a curly haired brunette college student, swept away by the music, bopping alongside hammy musical actor Johnnie “Scat” Davis . Please, do enjoy.

Jeff Fenholt – This Love Of Mine [1978]

Fenholt – who recently passed away – had a nutso career, guided by a powerful singing voice. From befriending Salvador and Gala Dali to starring on Broadway as the original Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar to claiming to be an official Black Sabbath member to becoming the formerly demon possessed singing evangelist with metal locks [including his then wife, Renni, and maybe a kid he’d drag on stage] in the late 80s and 90s on Trinity Broadcast Network, he worked all the angles to get to near the top. Here is a track from his lackluster disco album, Smile [1978/ Lithium].

Kristy + Jimmy McNichol – Fum Fum Fum [1978]

A clip from the television holiday special, The Carpenters: A Christmas Portrait [1978]. I post this as it is Kristy’s fifty-seventh birthday. Kristy and her brother were teen favorites during the 70s. Kristy was a regular on the t.v. series, Family, playing the tomboy kid sister, Buddy. Such a great show that was. And, how could we forget streetwise Angel in the 1980 teen film, Little Darlings. S-i-g-h.

Three cheers to Kristy.

Lola Falana


Celebrating the life and legacy of Loletha Elayne Falana, better known as Lola Falana. Falana [alongside Tina Turner] was a predecessor to modern day pop star Beyonce Knowles in that she also was a triple threat: singing, dancing and acting, letting her dynamic sexual presence be known to the world. Falana’s heyday was in the 60s and 70s. She could be seen on various lightweight talk shows, goofy sitcoms and glitzy telethons decked in costumes that rivaled Cher with dance routines which gave Tina a run for her money. Falana has since taken a backseat due to illness and taking time to recover. Happy birthday, Ms. Falana. We love you.