The Lijadu Sisters – Cashing In [1976]


Valerie Simpson

Valerie Simpson at the piano [c. early 1970s]
Valerie Simpson, one half of music duo – Ashford & Simpson – was born on this day. Simpson is another dynamic female whose talent and artistry has helped shift the sound of Soul and R & B music, spanning several decades. Songs written by Simpson, alongside her late husband/ music collaborator Nickolas Ashford, are too many to list here. Together they blended love, ecstasy and gospel sounds into infectious tunes.

Ahem, check this one out. It’s a favorite of mine. Put on them dancing shoes, hon.

A Happening: Sound Investments

Dionne [Arista/ 1979] – Dionne Warwick
K-Tel’s Starburst, Volume One [K-Tel/ 1978] – Various artists

That l.p. porch life.

Songs from Liquid Days [CBS/ 1986] Philip Glass
Hymns [Decca/ 1965] – Loretta Lynn
Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis [Pickwick/ 1965] – Roger Miller/ Roy Orbison/ Jerry Lee Lewis
Somewhere in The Carolinas – Something funky is trapped in my soul. Sunday music listening to ease inner-tensions then maybe later a long drive through the country.

Lance Spearman

African Film #103: The Spear Meets The Brown Bomber, Chapter Two
African Film #153: Who Is The Boss?

African Film #46: The Spear Versus The Skull [eBay]
African Film #129: The Spear’s Funeral [image: Kabozi]
African Film #50: The Spear Versus The Headhuntress [eBay]
Lance Spearman, also known as The Spear, The Internet just introduced to me. I fell into one of those World Wide Web spirals of goodness turning up James Richard Abe Bailey’s black African response to James Bond, The Saint and the like. Spearman is a well-versed, smooth Nigerian super secret agent who fights crime seeing thugs suffer without mercy, all the while donning a sharp ass suit and living the high life in this photo comic book serial which ran from 1968 to 1972. Cool. I’m all in. Now, if only I could dig up some scanned copies of this rare jewel, online. Currently on the hunt.

Betty Dodson

Betty Dodson speaking at a sexuality conference [c. 1973]
Betty Dodson does not get nearly enough credit when it comes her contributions in sex positivity for women [especially here in the U.S.] I first got wind of her work through the H.B.O. program – Real Sex. I was immediately intrigued with her straightforward teachings. When it comes to the birds and the bees, solo or partnered, I will be the first to raise my hand for further assistance in an open and positive way. At nearly ninety [Dodson turns eighty-nine this day], the grande dame [along with her business associate Carlin Ross] is still out there guiding ladies in finding that lost light in their tunnels. Keep in mind men, male partners can glean a thing or two also. Dodson’s teachings are something you can’t be mad about.

Patty McCormack

An apprehensive Jerry Lewis introducing child star and Academy Award nominee Patty McCormack to the stage. I post this clip in honor of Ms. McCormack’s seventy-forth birthday [which is today].

Christian Francis Roth




Assorted Rothola dresses by Christian Francis Roth [Fall, 1990]
Rothola knit jacket
Christian Francis Roth, fashion designer [Egg Magazine/ 1990]

Forrest – Rock The Boat [1983]

This remake of the 1974 classic by the Hues Corporation could have been so much better. Like, maybe by funking it up 200% more and totally commiting to the Roger talkbox thingy.  Also, was the director of this music video in over their head? This whole piece waves the white flag. Send help.

William Marshall

Marshall shadowed by Nimoy on Star Trek [TOS] episode entitled – The Ultimate Computer [NBC/ 1968]
William Horace Marshall [b. August 19, 1924 – d. June 11, 2003] was an American actor, director, and opera singer. Marshall is best known for his starring role as the baritone voiced, darkly wicked and debonaire Blacula in Blacula [1972], Scream, Blacula, Scream [1973] and as the King of Cartoons [seasons two through 5] on 1980s cult television program, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.