Triadic Ballet – Das Triadische Ballet [1970]


A Happening: Sound Investments


Relax [1983/ Island] [12 inch single] – Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Mercedes Boy [1988/ MCA] [12 inch single] – Pebbles

Today’s sound combo + 1

Magic [1981/Arista] – Tom Browne// Bought this l.p. for the song, Thighs High.
Wood Beez/ Absolute [1984/ Warner Bros.] [12 inch single] – Scritti Politti
A difficult week in adulthood it has been and will continue to be. Everything on the turntable will be played pretty loud. For sentimental reasons, I have busted out classic cuts and l.p.s for listening. Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax I purchased for its’ New York mix. Pebble’s Mercedes Boy is always gold. Scritti Politti’s 1985 album, Cupid & Psyche ’85, is in my opinion a slept on dance record of the period. I first purchased it in 1986 on cassette from the Wherehouse, a now defunct record chain that was based in southern California. The best known track is ‘Perfect Way’. A fine tune. The rest of the album is amazing. The 12″ single of Wood Beez and Absolute are my two favorite cuts. I had to have this [Although, I do own and have C&P85 in my vinyl collection]. Tom Browne’s Magic l.p. is straight ahead early Smooth Jazz – for the most part. It is a genre of music I do not care for. Thighs High [Grip Your Hips and Move] is an R&B funk classic with vocals by Ms. Toni Smith [the same vocalist on Browne’s 1980 chart topper, Funkin’ for Jamaica [N.Y.]. Smith who receives co-songwriting credit on both gems, is also noted for how similar her vocals are to Chaka Khan. Smith eats the mic alive.

All vinyl listed are of the good times.

Look No. 0000-28







Somewhere in The Carolinas – Hot and muggy weather season is here. Y-u-c-k. Now is the time to don those threads which flatter you and make you feel cool and comfortable. Again, as I have noted in the past, it’s all about natural fibers when you live down south. If you choose some poly-blend summer atrocity which traps in copious amounts of sweat, that is on you. I get real bitchy power sweating during the southern summers. It’s a huge pet peeve.

Today’s vintage style outfit starts with crisp black linen top [ Julia Kiss] paired with the Ben Cooper striped Monster Mask swing skirt [Vixen by Micheline Pitt] . I am wearing the skirt without a crinoline. It is a bit too much for me, overpowering the outfit in a negative way.

The straw rectangular handbag is a thrifted piece. The leather and wood high heeled sandals come courtesy of Envy by way of thrift store. All accessories were snagged from assorted vendors on thee AliExpress – Get on board…Toot-toot.

Altogether, I am wearing an easy “beat-the-heat-in-the-streets’ look.

Now, off to market.

A Happening: What Is This Nonsense?


As of two years ago, I began an intense love affair watching QVC and HSN. There is no shame in what I do. I am not high or in a deep depression, nor do I buy anything. I tune-in due to a select group of on-air hosts and celebrity guests who clearly come off as being three klonopin short of getting near a “regular people” calm. [Gotta drive them s-a-l-e-s, people!] All of your bills, the housecleaning, evacuating your bowels can be done while tuned into one of these shopping channels.

Save for sportscaster-turned-fashion person, Jill Martin’s G.I.L.I. line [which isn’t half bad for my octogenarian mother to be seen in] [Q.V.C.], Marla Wynn [H.S.N.], makeup artist Mally Roncal’s cosmetics line, The Beekman boys and a scant few, every other designer, businessperson, beauty brand, failed or forgotten actress is churning out overpriced Walmart level garbage.

Q.V.C. is where the action is. Hammy host David Venable is loud, insane and suffocating to watch. He knows this and is twirling his big ass to the bank. As much as middle-aged gay internet slam him, you must know he is Q.V.C.’s star and does not give a w-u-t. The lonely grandmas and stay-at-home moms just eat him up. So, “happy dance” on that.

Shawn Killinger [Also on Q.V.C.] is a vintage comedy/nightclub act of one. Think Rusty Warren gone off the rails. All her segments should have someone playing jazzy piano in the background with a rimshot sound effect overhead. She’s nuts. I love it.

Isaac Mizrahi is my absolute favorite *celebrity host on the Q. Isaac is out there hocking his less-than-below-his-level wares while staying sincere, then, not so sincere. [Isn’t he a Libra man? Dueling personality in there?]. Mizrahi will proclaiming his love for his husband, on air [Note: Whoever he is hosting with will have that dreaded look in her eyes as if sales are plummeting. They are not]. He will humorously toss out the bonmots for those of us in the know [It’s never for the moms and grandmothers who buy], breaking out into [an ASCAP licensed] song or shuck his Christmas edition Junior’s Cheesecakes, cabaret act and latest autobiography. [*Honorable mention in the celebrity host category are: Kim Gravel, television personality/ sometimes actress/ beauty pageant person. Lisa Rinna, an actress/ reality show person]

Are you tuned in? I just thought you should know.


Look No. 0000-27








Somewhere in The Carolinas – A few months ago, I won third place prize in an Instagram contest from the creative collaboration of artist Ryan Heshka and California based designer Micheline Pitt. I received an autographed oversized postcard from Heska and a fifty dollar gift card from Vixen by Micheline Pitt. With the gift card, I purchased the Mean Girls Club x Vixen pencil skirt with “Pinky” spider print. This item I consider a collector’s item of sorts. It is gorgeous wearable art and fits me like a glove. The skirt retails for $78.00. I put roughly $30.00 and some change on it. A good deal.

All other pieces from this shoot – from the midnight black sheer pussy-bow blouse to artsy vegan leather handbag [and other accessories] were nabbed from various vendors via AliExpress.

My lucite high heeled sandals are by Ellie, a brand known for being the go-to shoes for modern day strippers. I wear the ‘Brook’ with a four inch heel. This style comes in higher or lower heels [if preferred].

This look would be one I would wear to brunch or lunch.


Brian Eno: 71

Eno lookin’ like a snack [c. mid-1970s]
Eno working on Another Green World [1975]

Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno [b. May 15, 1948] is an English musician, record producer, and visual artist best known for his pioneering work in ambient music and contributions to rock, pop, electronic, and generative music.