Russ Meyer


Russell Albion Meyer [b. March 21, 1922 – d. September 18, 2004] was an American film director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, actor, and photographer.


Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats: The Masquerade [Atlanta, Georgia]

L.T.’s Outfit: ‘Velvet Charm’ tuxedo jacket in Tawny Port [LC by Lauren Conrad] and black racerback black minidress
L.T. at The Masquerade [March 9, 2019]


Two Tickets to The Graveyard + Uncle Acid show [March 9, 2019]

Atlanta, Georgia – Ventured down yonder to catch an act I quite fancy: the hard rocking, riff-driven rock band from The U.K. – Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. If you follow this blog, you already know my love for this outfit and that I’ve a few pieces of their vinyl in my record collection.

The opening act, Twin Temple, my friend and I missed. I really wanted to see double-T do their thing up close and in person as they perform what they coin ‘Satanic doo-wop’ with a hearty side of theatrical ‘sacrifice’. I believe they are from L.A. which is my neck of the woods. Perhaps, I may catch them when visiting in the near future.

As for Uncle Acid, we came in when the group was powering through Mt. Abraxas – off of Mind Control [2013]. The ‘Heaven’ section of The Masquerade was filled with great energy. The upper level and ground floor was packed but not uncomfortably so. If your head wasn’t banging in the place, you gave it up with your tall boy raised high in the air. Crowd surfers were in full force. The quartet rocked hard and steady. No time for posing and rambling. They were all business. Their graphics, sound and light show was stellar.

I had been hoping and praying that they would consider touring this section of the U.S. and my prayers were answered. It was well worth my time and money.

Many thanks to K for being more than a friend. K drove up from Georgia to N.C. We did a turn-around and were back in Fulton County-area within hours before showtime. Her take on what she witnessed was that Uncle Acid felt very ‘Alice In Chains’. I never listened to A.I.C., so her comparison was lost on me. Both of us were glad just to spend the time together. It had been awhile.

My concert outfit: Black mock turtleneck sleeveless minidress [American Apparel], ‘Velvet Charm’ tuxedo jacket [LC by Lauren Conrad], 1960s vintage animal print clutch [thrift store find], necklaces [various vendors from AliExpress or Ebay] and ‘Reece’ black leather lace-up boots [Ellen Tracy]

Margaret Severn








Margeret Severn [b. August 14, 1901 – d. July 7, 1997] was an internationally acclaimed dancer who was most famous for using more than a dozen different Benda masks in The Greenwich Village Follies of 1921 and throughout her career.