3 Things


The ‘Jane Set’ one piece jumpsuit [Patterns by Gertie]


Something Weird Greatest Hits! 2 record set [Sundazed]


The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth: And Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine by Thomas Morris [Dutton Books]


A Happening: Sound Investments

L.T.’s Hot Wax: Soup for One motion picture soundtrack [Mirage Records/ 1982]
L.T.’s Hot Wax: G.I.T. [Motown/ 1973] – The Jackson 5
L.T.’s Hot Wax: The World of Harry Partch [Columbia/ 1969] – Harry Partch

L.T.’s Hot Wax: Ode to Billie Joe [Capitol/ 1967] – Bobbie Gentry

P.O.V. – 2019 Style Forecast

P.O.V. – L.T.’s Style Flip for 2019 feat. 1950s style black velvet balloon cocktail dress.
P.O.V. – L.T.’s Style Flip for 2019: Focus on the glossy black bat wing sunglasses with metal decoration. Very Vampira.
P.O.V. – L.T.’s Style Flip for 2019 feat. 1940s vtg. black cocktail dress with plaid waist sash
P.O.V. – L.T.’s Style Flip for 2019 feat. 1950s style Jet black tulle wiggle dress with bold Red rose applique

P.O.V. – L.T.’s Style Flip for 2019: ‘Lilly Jane’ pumps [Penahaus]
Somewhere in The Carolinas – I am over the resurgence in womenswear mimicking the blocky, boxy, chunky minimalist shapes of the 1980s that has been a happening since 2016. It is the “new-new” with the general public. And, cool – because it is easy, roomy and relaxing.

Sometime in early Autumn,  I decided I’d begin flipping my look, winding it back to the late 1940s. This style go-round will focus less on the kitsch and more on the tailored femme looks of the Mid 20th century. Think a broke woman’s Atomic aged [but very bogus] Christian Dior wardrobe. Not ‘Rockabilly’ or ‘Pin-up’ style but a straight ahead upper class, bohemian femme look of the period. Here we are, at my next style stop. Vintage of this period is not new to me. It is an old friend with freshness breathed life into.

I am not dismissing my full wardrobe [although many pieces have been recently purged]. Most anything black and in-step will be staying. Black high waisted jeans, black rock band t-shirts, Chelsea boots, 80s vintage black leather motorcycle jacket, black boots, and that forever pair of Optic white Chuck Taylors are solid. Honestly, I am sick of looking ambiguous. It is alright to embrace the feminine side, to step into that light.

I cannot wait to see what I dig up.

Stay tuned.

In Memoriam: Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas [b. December 24, 1922 – d. January 23, 2019] was a Lithuanian-born American filmmaker, poet, and artist who has often been called “the godfather of American avant-garde cinema”. Above – is an excerpt from his film, Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania.

Sade: 60


Helen Folasade Adu [b. January 16, 1959], known professionally as Sade or Sade Adu, is a British Nigerian singer, songwriter, and actress, known as the lead singer of her self-titled band.