Look No. 0000-22


Somewhere in The Carolinas – This post, more proof I need to scout out a photographer who can shoot unblurred shots and capture my personal style. Tough achieving this as I want this blog o’ mine to capture vinyl I collect, design I am currently (or, forever) into and my looks.

I don’t know anyone up here and really should have taken advantage (with pay) of the multitudes of edgy, artsy photographers when I lived and played in Athens, Georgia.

I’ll do better.

The cause for this outfit was for an event the Island Nights arts fundraiser via the Iredell Arts Council in Statesville, North Carolina. My partner, MWF, as well as local artists featured select pieces to be auctioned off. It was a decent time and good to see the scant few locals I know.

Outfit consists of the following pieces:

Electric pink linen two-piece pajama set with abstract multi-colored print

Red geometric sunglasses

one (1) single dark green tassel earring

Black sheer long sleeve blouse with silken stripes

Brown vegan leather clutch

Brown wood and leather braided high heeled sandals

A smile and a pineapple



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