Look No. 0000-21


Somewhere in The Carolinas – Keeping it minimal as our human rights are consistently being exploited, denied here in The United States. History repeating itself.

Wearing an oversized navy shirt dress with twisted back to symbolize my tears and sorrow. Touches of midnight black to express the reality of darkness which human demons lord their misguided hatred of man upon good beings filled with light (such as myself). The white witches, myself included, are working against you. Know this.

Live and let live. Expand your horizons. Learn to be brave and not silent. If not for anything, you may learn something in the process.

Outfit consists of the following pieces:

Navy twist-back boxy dress with tulip sleeve [USWIMIE]

Black oversized sunshades with gold trim

Metal dented high neck bib necklace

Raw milky crystal necklace dipped in gold

Black rubber digital wristwatch

Vintage bangles and bracelets – stacked [Assorted online vendors]

Sheer navy socks [surplus item from local thrift store]

Black vegan leather Fisherman tote with raw canvas lining [AliExpress]

Black velveteen platform sandals [LOSLANDIFEN]


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