A Happening: A Different Corner

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Somewhere in The Carolinas – I recently relocated from Georgia to North Carolina for reasons that are only good. Every place I’ve moved to has been slower than the last. Here, I am breathing with a full heart and eyes open. It is a positive move. Going to clock it but thinking it will take less than six visits to Athens to get it out of my system [or, about a year]. It has been my longest relationship to date [I “lived” there for a decade]. Athens, as does the white liberal establishment across this country, has ALOT of work to do. In North Carolina, I will reboot and try to re-gain time lost living in another U.S. hipster cesspool-wunderland ruled by non-inclusive politics [i.e., Athens’ music scene/ education system/ employment opportunities to start], abject loneliness and booze. As a person of color, it is extremely tiring being treated as the dried up garnish to what is deemed the main course – the white gaze. I am somebody.

This past weekend I ventured to a few local thrift shops and scored the following gems. Who says one dollar used l.p.s don’t exist anymore?

Swinging Brass with The Oscar Peterson Trio [1959/ PNR] – Oscar Peterson

Look Around [1968/ A&M] – Sergio Mendes + Brazil ’66

These Foolish Things [1975/ Island] – Bryan Ferry

The Sensational Ray Charles [1965/ Coronet] – Ray Charles

Libra [1975/ Motown] – Libra

The Oscar Peterson Trio And The Gerry Mulligan Quintet At Newport [1963/ Verve] – Oscar Peterson + Gerry Mulligan



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