Ace + Jig





Ace + Jig: Fall, 2017 [Ready-to-Wear]

Something at the water cooler in the Brooklyn office of Ace + Jig is working so right. Their looks for Fall, 2018 are that heady mix of vintage folksy perfection in such a now and happening way. Scrambled prints with layers, tied up in a crisp sash, designs that recall the push in the very early 1970s to strip it down and take it back to nature are at play. I am staring into the closet of schoolteachers I had 1974 forward. Also envisioning that super cool bohemian art witch in my So-Cal childhood enclave, tooling about in her VW station wagon with Trader Joes bags riding sideways in the hatch. Even the wardrobe for when I finally crack and start my all-female cult in Laurel Canyon.

You may not have thought it out as such but I see what you are doing and I love it.

Ace + Jig.


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