Look No. 0000-11











Athens, Georgia – Finally. A day off of work. I will be treating myself to a meal at The National and perhaps a movie [next door] at Cine. I enjoy doing things alone. Uber will be today’s chauffeur. There is no way in hell that I would make the trek on foot with a cane and low heeled platform shoes from my neighborhood to the downtown area. No way.

Today, an all-black outfit from a minimalist gaze. The black oversized boater of my dreams come courtesy of Muchique. I am not big on the sun beaming on my skin, so this piece will fit into my wardrobe – present and in the future – very nicely. The sleeveless black button-down blouse is from Talbots. I found it shopping secondhand. My lucite cane I bought off of Ebay a couple of years ago. It is not for show [but does look good] as I often use it to walk with. All other pieces were nabbed from various vendors on AliExpress or from a thrift shop. My looks are cost effective for the lower class working woman of today.



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