A Happening: Indispensable Things

Nov 16 - 19.jpg
November 11, 2016: Observing Rothko + Eames at High Museum of Art
photograph: Sandra Rek

Me, in one of my sensitive spaces – a museum filled with art. Most delicious. Most calming. Most toe curling. Most freeing. A bit jarring. All of the synapses in my brain are firing. It’s neon. On this eve, Athens based photographer, Sandra Rek and I took in a powerful lecture (How AIDS Changed American Art) and soon after walked the grounds.

Art, moments like this, always takes my breath away. I have agency and none at all – which in short – is life.


A Happening: Sound Investments

I picked up a copy of ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ while visiting Asheville. The record shop – Voltage Records – has a nice and tight selection of stuff. I had to get this title cuz I’ve been listening to them alot. – L.T. Underwood

Say It Again [Arista/ 1985] – The Danse Society

Touch Your Woman [RCA/ 1972] – Dolly Parton


Discover [Beggars Banquet/ 1986] – Gene Loves Jezebel


Look No. 0000-7







Athens, Georgia – Here, a favorite all-black outfit of the moment. For me and my cumbersome limbs and body, it is easy to get into and remove without aid. The black structured [or, maybe it’s ‘abstract’?] dress merely slips over my head. This dress can be worn with the front to the back or the back to the front. Accessories are kept simple. The oversized black tote bag, silver colored round frameless sunglasses, black metallic multi-layer necklace, black and white round wristwatch and gold snap bracelet were scored from various vendors on the ol’ AliExpress. The black velveteen platform sandals come from Loslandifen and black sleeveless dress from EAM.