Look No. 0000-8





multi-colored tropical print kimono jacket

navy rope necklace with silver hardware

black bandeau

silver metal serpent cuff bracelet

assorted rings

chambray true 1940s-style high waisted palazzo pants [Banned Apparel]

‘Owen’ leather slip-on loafers [Chinese Laundry]


Indispensable Things

Nov 16 - 19.jpg

November 11, 2016: Observing Rothko + Eames at High Museum of Art

photography: Sandra Rek

Me, in one of my sensitive spaces – a museum filled with art. Most delicious. Most calming. Most toe curling. Most freeing. A bit jarring. All of the synapses in my brain are firing. It’s neon.

On this eve, Athens based photographer, Sandra Rek and I took in a powerful lecture (How AIDS Changed American Art) and soon after walked the grounds.

Art, moments like this, always takes my breath away. I have agency and none at all – which in short – is life.

A Happening



blonde pressed wood eyewear case

burgundy flat top sunglasses with gradient lenses

Nirvana Rose eau de parfum – Elizabeth and James

silver metal Ankh pendant necklace

Off The Wall [1984] – Yoshi Wada

A Happening



“I picked up a copy of ‘I’m In Your Mind Fuzz’ while visiting Asheville. The record shop – Voltage Records – has a nice and tight selection of stuff. I had to get this title though. I listen to it alot.” – L.T. Underwood