A Happening: Daisies [1967]







Grrrl, you ain’t lyin’.

Athens, Georgia – For tonight’s viewing pleasure, Věra Chytilová’s Daisies [1967]. I stumbled upon this film while researching images for an entirely different film by a completely different director.

This kicky piece is non-linear in plot as well as visually arresting. The set designer and costume designer [if there was one] did a solid job. The various looks [the actresses adorn] are adorably timeless in that middle-to-late 1960s period of young womens’ fashion.

The film’s featured performers, Jitka Cerhová and Ivana Karbanová, were non-pros plucked off the streets, who do a fantastic job as Marie I and Marie II. The two Maries are a pair of happy-go-lucky nihilists who con middle-aged men into piling them food and drink [because the world is going to end eventually. Right?!]

Many thanks to myself – for falling into another rando[m]-Internet manhole of gold.


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