Heartbeat [1973]


A Happening


navy + white Turkish pestemal

TP [1980] – Teddy Pendergrass

A Happening



Bass and Drums


Athens, Georgia – Proud to be a part of this amazing non-profit organization,¬†Girls Rock Athens. Tonight’s benefit [Really, these past few days of Ladies Rock Camp, leading up to the show] was not short of sonically amazing. As a parting gift, I played electric bass and received a blister.

If you live in town, check out the link…look it over…and see where either you or a young girl you know would fit. We would love to have you [as well as foster the ‘next’ Patti Smith, Tina Turner or Wendy Carlos].

Rock on, woman/ women.

A Happening

047010068025011“I shop the local bodegas. Cecil Taylor is watching.” – L.T. Underwood

black flat-top eyeglasses with gold hardware

Indent [1973] – Cecil Taylor

Peggy Lee – The Lord’s Prayer [1971]

The funeral of American jazz trumpeter, band leader and composer Louis Armstrong. At the 1:51 mark, witness Peggy Lee’s stirring¬†rendition of The Lord’s Prayer.

It’s worth noting, I’d been searching for this footage since first viewing it in the early morning hours, watching cable in the early 1990s.

Please, enjoy the filmed footage in its’ entirety.