Look No. 0000-2










Athens, Georgia – Heading out to breakfast with a friend. We have not seen one another in a minute and there will be much catching up to do in our usual booth at Big Family Cafe.

Today’s look starts with a sunny pink linen pajama set with multi-colored abstract print. I don’t usually reach for pink clothing when shopping but I had to have this set. It is linen [I love linen!] and it is a knock off of something dusendusen would turn out. As someone on disability and a rabid clotheshorse, I had to buy this. Cost: $24.00 for both pieces

The faux suede berry colored obi-style belt was scored from a thrift shop. My oversized clear eyeglasses, necklaces, black and gold tassel bracelet, faux leather black clutch and black velvet low heeled platform sandals come courtesy of assorted vendors on AliExpress.

Now to pre-game as to whether I will order the buttermilk pancakes or dive into their eggs benedict.




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