3 Things


Live at The Bab-ilo – The Linda Sharrock Network [2016]

This l.p. had been sitting in the virtual shopping cart for far too long. Bought it two weeks ago. A sound investment.



Furry Landscape wall hanging – jujujust 


Denim in DRBL – ENFÖLD


Look No. 0000-1






structured boxy black knit dress

clear oversized cat’s eyeglasses

silver triangle + circle decorative pins

silver metal ‘D’ ring choker

assorted rings

black vegan crocodile hard shell fanny pack

black cracked leather brogues


I Am Not Your Negro [2017]


Athens, Georgia – Self date night last evening. How wonderfully triggering was this masterpiece? Answer: Cried my eyes out in the back row of Cine. Sold-out show.

Documentary: Riveting and essential if you are truly “woke”. I Am Not Your Negro is the absolute truth. Speaking my truth. A message from the past to the present, for all who have tried to explain to Caucasians [especially educated Liberal or a Neo-Con] and/ or willingly blind P.O.C.s who live in a clearly racist or self-hating fever, wrapped in a myopic cloud of peace and love to push forward. When they express that your fits are from anger, just plain insanity and you are the problematic one, to keep pushing. 

Run, don’t walk.

DEATH: The Earl [Atlanta, Georgia]

Atlanta, Georgia – The godfathers of Punk’s set (last night at The Earl) was tight. The boys from Detroit came at us with everything in their musical arsenal: gritty Rock & Roll, trad Punk noise with a tinge of psychedelic Soul. You would be hard pressed to find another hard rock group that can also take you to church. 

Slam dancing was in full effect, peppered with a body or two surfing the crowd. All fists pumping into the thick night air.

Photographs I snapped are grainy. That said, it was a sign to put the cellular telephone down and simply enjoy the ride.