Vintage Pop-up Party

Athens, Georgia – With Gwenny Swan (of Athens-based Fur Hat Guild Vintage) at the helm, this relaxed New Year’s eve affair came together nicely. Held inside one of the studios at the warehouse on Chase Street, a select few vintage vendors rolled out an impressive miniature selection of their secondhand wares (yours included).

Between the Polaroid “photobooth”, the fresh faces and glorious threads, I died and went to clotheshorse heaven.

As soon as there is a rumbling of Swan’s next event, check in here (at Prime Objective) to be the first to know.







Thrift Score: 1980s vintage St. John’s Knit suit with rhinestones (Athens, Georgia – Aug., 2016)
Volunteer for M.L.K. Day of Service (Athens, Georgia – Jan., 2016)
Mother and daughter (Southern California – Sept., 2016)
Thrift Score: 1970s chocolate brown suede fringe jacket. It smells of Rock ‘n Roll. Found while visiting So-Cal. (Sept., 2016)
Dia de los Muertos: Basic black ribbed tank top, borrowed 1990s vintage belt, 1980s vintage black circle skirt with chevron cut suede and leather and black leather lace-up granny boots. Lots of silver gems and jewels, layered. (Atlanta, Georgia – October, 2016)


Pear – Cherry cobbler. Made from scratch. (Jan., 2016)
Components of my Dia de los Muertos outfit (Oct., 2016)
Brunch with the crew @ Milktooth (Indianapolis, Indiana – Apr., 2016)
Good morning: A view of my bedroom (Athens, Georgia – Nov., 2016)
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks  @ High Museum of Art (March, 2016)  (note: Three people on his list passed away this year)
Because it is always needed. (Jan., 2016)

Unthread: New Year’s Eve Vintage Pop-Up Party

photographs by: L.T. Underwood/ Prime Objective Vintage

Athens, Georgia – Tomorrow afternoon. New Year’s Eve Vintage Pop-Up brought to you by Fur Hat Guild Vintage.

Starts at two p.m. (Hint: The secret locale will be in the warehouse on Chase Street; address: *** Oneta Street, building ***-% ). There will be five vendors (as of this writing). Prime Objective Vintage will be in the house.

If you are a true vintage clothing enthusiast and need something for this special evening, this event is a must. Mix ‘n mingle with the taste-makers in town. Leave with some gems to start the new year off right. We look forward to seeing you.

Christmas Eve: 2016

L.T. – in 1970s vintage textured leopard jacket over modern gold sequin minidress with black stars.

Athens, Georgia – I have been awake for over eighteen hours. Prepared my first turkey (Brined overnight while I was at work), made a hearty cornbread dressing, blackberry cobbler with lattice work top and a rich frosted chocolate cake – All from scratch. Every thing turned out super. Every thing offered was just right (including guests, large and small, who attended).

Mama’s beat (but, I feel so very good).

Happy holidays to you and yours.

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