In Memoriam: Pauline Oliveros

Oliveros playing a Buchla

Pauline Oliveros [b., May 30, 1932 – d.,November 24, 2016]


3 Things

EARS – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith [Label: Western Vinyl, 2016]

I recently purchased her sixth album after giving it a spin on Bandcamp. It hits all of the marks if you are into this type of sound (which I won’t dare try to classify).

The work of the late Julius Eastman: Minimalist Classical composer, vocalist, pianist and dancer. His piece ‘Gay Guerrilla‘ alone is worth the price of admission. Balls-to-the-wall recently re-discovered/ uncovered visionary.

Shake [The Thing, 2015] – The Thing

I could not find this album on vinyl, so I bought the c.d. I thoroughly enjoyed the madcap energy and intensity here.