3 Things


gold pointy pendant earrings (AgJc)


‘Why Knot’ bench (KinoGuerin)


‘Iris’ tall boots (A.P.C.)


2 Things


Korg MS-20 Mimi Monophonic Synthesizer


Words Without Music: A Memoir – Philip Glass [Liveright, 2015]

If I Knew I Would Expire in Three Days…

Please, see that in the last seventy-two hours of my life, I am Air-(E)vac’ed to the AYTM showroom (located in: Denmark). Just let me die upon sundry pieces of their ultra-sumptuous designs, piled into a mammoth mound and then, set it on fire.

Every thing, every piece is flawless. Looks as if it was lifted right off of the set of American Gigolo. So sterile and cold, yet kind of making me want to call a dark and swarthy male escort for dowagers (Which I am far from).

His name: Maximiliano. Dude’s Spanish. Throw him on my funeral pyre too.

All of this: The stuff of dreams.

Prime Objective

I’ve been shopping secondhand for a long while (meaning over twenty-five years).

I started scavenging (for myself) as a preteen and soon branched out into re-selling my vintage threads throughout Southern California.

My eye gravitates toward bold graphics and rich fabrics. My personal vintage stash features a great many gems from the 1960s and 1970s. For me, these two time periods speak to me the most [as you will see once this beautiful beast takes flight]. Bohemian. Rock ‘n Roll. Minimalist. Psychedelic Jet-Set. High end discotheque.

As a vintage buyer, I work tirelessly to find pieces from a wide range. Say, early 1920s though the early 1990s. And yes, I will brag on myself, but I have a fantastic eye.

Prime Objective will play a few roles: It will act as a platform in featuring my vintage wares [Currently working on setting that end up along with everything else],  things/items I find aesthetically + aurally pleasing [Contemporary art/ Experimental music/ Avant-garde cinema] and to display my chops as a stylist.

Thank you for stopping by.